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3/9 GDT: Red Wings at Rangers

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Jealous but obviously happy for those attending tonight, I know its at MSG but man I'd like to see a hockey game where the guys next team me don't have a white leaf on their chest (and the tickets arent 300 each), anything but a white leaf for that matter. Always been my dream to see a game at the Joe. I hear its a dump but its our dump and if i don't trough piss beside a drunk guy in a McCarty jersey before we change arenas I might hang up the hockey fan skates out of embarrassment.

Just saw the games already started so my 3-1 wings prediction is flawed, but i still stand by it.

Lets Go Wings, every point boys. Mule, Sheahan and Dekeyser with the goals, with a good game from Howard.

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At what point does Monster get called our starting goalie?

Ask myself this same question and my only answer is when he can play more than 5 without getting a groin injury. Come playoff time I'd feel so much better riding a hot Howard. A groin letting out on the hot goalie (in all likelihood probably Gus) could break a series.

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Is scoring seven goals something the goalies control? I do agree the team wins more with Monster, but I'm not sure that's a direct reflection of his goaltending.

I'm saying you play the goalie that gets you wins irregardless of who lets in less / more goals. When Gus plays they win, when Howard plays they don't.

As I said, start Mrazek he can't be any worse then Howard.

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