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ECQF - Game 5 - Red Wings at Bruins - 3:00 PM EST

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the refs aren't out there to screw the Wings by decree. They may suck at the job, but getting screwed implies intent. Get a f***in grip. Good teams find a way to overcome. The Wings aren't that good - they'd be losing this series if it was 5 v 5 all the time too.

I definitely think the refs suck no matter what game it is...no i don't think they are trying to be bias...

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If you truly believe there was a in league conspiracy to get the Penguins the Cup I have a tin foil hat to sell you.

No. but I DO believe that the decision to not discipline malkin was a commercial one rather than a sporting one, because of his profile AND the need to extend the series. When you consider the horrible calls in games 6 & 7 of that series it did seem really suspect game to game.....but I think that was a separate issue, But if you really think in sporting monopolies those counting the cash don't 'lean' on people to look out for certain things, you are very naive.

Of course you can't fix a series. But you can tip the balance a little. Which they did. given the mass orgasm when the pens won compared to the disappointment of the year before, its hardly controversial to suggest the league had a preference.

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