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musicians that are red wing fans?

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P V D that's Chad Smith from the RHCP, who I do believe is from MI and a Wings fan.

Yeah, I was just a joke. There's a running thing about how they look the alike. Will Ferrell posted on twitter that it was actually him that played on the Chili Peppers' records. Then they challenged each other to a drum off, went on Jimmy Fallon together and Will Ferrell did his 'more cowbell' thing - it was pretty funny.

Chad is a Wing fan, though.

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All the guys from the band We came as Romans, they tweet about them almost every game.


I thoroughly enjoy that band.

the bassist from the blood brothers wore a wings jersey when they played at the majic stick a while back.(and its not like they were making enough money to buy a jersey from each city)

There's quite a few more I know of, but they're basically cheating because the bands are all from Michigan.

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Jack black looks like a live action version of a Tim Burton character.

I second removing Chad Kroeger (aka spaghetti-mop, although i think his hair looks more like ramen noodles) from the list of recognized red wings fans.

Except that is Jack WHITE from the White Stripes. Jack Black also looks strange, tho, so we will just let it slide!!

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