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Patrick Kane's point streak reaches 25 games

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Patrick Kane is the human equivalent of an ingrown toenail. Or diaper rash. Or restless leg syndrome. Or that cramp you get when you have really bad diarrhea. Yeah all of those things.

But hey keep scoring those goals! It's so nice to be a professional athlete--you don't have to feel obligated to not be a garbage can person!

*high five*

He's a great guy both on and on the ice.

I lol'd

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Bit weak ... one point came on a hand pass in the defensive zone, another was off a goalie interference, a few was off an empty netter. For heaven's sakes, someone shut out the Hawks for a game pleeeze.

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Anyone think this was going to happen this summer? I sure didn't.

I figured the scoring streak would've happened against him, not for him...

ba dum tss

I hate Kane.

But I also love him cuz hes american.

So I want him to beat Crosby's record :)

Had this summers transgressions not have occurred, I would've agreed, but for now I'd rather Crosby have it till Larkin beat it in the next few years.

He sure knows a thing or two about scoring on people who try to deny him


It was a good one liner, but I laughed just as hard at the HA CHA CHA part. Ha.

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It was a good one. I'm more against his accuser now that the facts are known, though. Certainly doesn't change from the fact that Kane is a classic d-bag.

To be fair you're totally right, but I couldn't pass up that opportunity.

"If there's an opening, I go for it"

-Patrick Kane Echolalia

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So I actually did not know this but..

Supposedly last night Kane surpassed Zetterberg's game point streak.


Henrik Zetterberg of the Detroit Red Wings has a 24-game scoring streak, but it spanned two seasons. He scored in seven straight games before his 2006-07 season came to an end because of a wrist injury, and then opened the 2007-08 season with a 17-game scoring streak.


The chart is from a few days ago when Kane was at 22. He's at 25 now.

Z holds the franchise record for it on our end.

Question is whether Kane will surpass Crosby's 25 games tomorrow.

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