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04/08 GDT : Montreal Canadiens vs Detroit Red Wings : 7:00 PM ET

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26 minutes ago, NerveDamage said:

hey show the rendering of the Pizzarena and the more I think they should just leave the roof plain white and project whatever they want on it, Red Wings Logo, LC Logo, Pistons Logo, heck I'll make the graphics for 'em

Screw basketball and the Pistons.


I miss the fights of old.  None if this hug fest we have now and no real hatred.

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56 minutes ago, vladdy16 said:

I wouldn't think so. Tampa is fighting for their playoff lives right now. He probably wants to be involved in that.

I was looking forward to Swenglish, but it sounds like Homer's been practicing. Booooo.

"Jesus, Homer."  

I don't know, Stevie might.  It's not like he can help the Tampons win.  

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2 hours ago, F.Michael said:

I've been of the opinion that our netminders had been the most consistent throughout this season.

Had it not been for them - our record would be worse than Colorado's.

That's just not true. Mrazek ranks 44/46 in Save% and 44/46 in GAA, these are worse stats then Pickard (Colorado's starter). Mrazek has played in 49 games this year, more then Howard (25) and Coreau (14) combined. My point being, our goaltending has been awful this year.

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