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Pre-Season Games

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We play our first pre-season game tonight in Boston, but apparently none of the first 3 games (all away) will be aired. The first game we'll be able to watch is this Saturday, the 23rd, also against Boston (first game ever at the LCA).

Why in this day and age is there no broadcast for ALL pre-season games? Even if it was only available via stream, that would be fine. But to not allow fans to watch these games is a crime...

Anyway, not that it really matters, but here's the lineup for tonight's game...

Mantha - Larkin - Parenteau

Bertuzzi - Sheahan - Glendening

Witkowski - Rasmussen - Frk

Nastasiuk - Turgeon - Shine / Elson

Lashoff - Jensen

Cholowski - McIlrath

Sulak - Saarijarvi




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19 minutes ago, LeftWinger said:

This girl named Kodi shows that it'll be on her screen tonight. But sometimes she works and sometimes she doesn't. You can find her hanging around in the app store.

Yeah, I have Kodi, and that's how I watch most Griffins games, but as far as I know, there isn't a TV or radio broadcast for tonight... Dumb as s***...

4 minutes ago, kylee said:

Totally agreed. We should be able to watch all pre-season games. That said, I believe tonight there's no way to watch or stream it? 

As far as I know, no... 

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So much for waiting months to watch a hockey game. 2017 and they're still incapable of broadcasting a pre-season game. And then what is up with this black out nonsense? Why does Boston have to block out the game outside of their area, what am I missing?

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1 minute ago, sputman said:

I like Witkowski (sp?) over Bertuzzi at this point. Berts supposed to provide a physical, abrasive element on our fourth line and I have not seem him pay abrasive yet for this team, including last year.

Bertuzzi's more a Maltby than a McCarty. The hope is he can become a top-six version of Maltby.

If we want a bruiser, Witkowski can do that, I guess. But we have trouble scoring goals and Bertuzzi has a scoring touch that Witkowski doesn't have.

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