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In Topic: Babcock says good-bye in full page ad. SIAP

22 May 2015 - 11:38 AM

Babcock's keeping his house in Detroit, cites ease of travel between the two cities, kids will still train here in the summer, says his wife and kids get the best of both worlds. I had a feeling this would happen considering what we heard of his family wanting to be here.

In Topic: Babcock says good-bye in full page ad. SIAP

22 May 2015 - 11:20 AM

Here's the tearful final presser 



Class act to the end. I didn't have hard feelings before, all the more so now. Best of luck to him moving forward when he's not playing us.

In Topic: Coaching Search Thread a.k.a. the Jeff Blashill Thread

22 May 2015 - 10:35 AM

I don't think we need to land a top guy.  We've already got Kronwall.  We just need to upgrade, where possible. 


Look at Tampa Bay's defense.  Yzerman was criticized pretty heavily for wrapping up so much money in non-impact defensemen like Carle, Stralman, Garrison, and Coburn.  None of those guys are really "top guys", but collectively they're better than any other alternative Tampa had.  And they're playing good enough to win. 


Exactly. I've been over the idea of getting a top guy for a long while. I'd much rather have a more well-rounded whole, and it's a much more accessible goal. 

In Topic: Coaching Search Thread a.k.a. the Jeff Blashill Thread

22 May 2015 - 10:08 AM

This. x1,000,000,000. 


I asked earlier in this thread, "How did Blash use Weiss in his conditioning stints with GR?"

I wonder solely because, maybe Weiss gets a chance under Blash the way he didn't with Babcock...

I mean, the guy did have some bright spots, some glimpses of his former self, and they were quickly buried*


*Maybe deservedly. I don't really remember exactly how it all went down, but I have hopes for the guy. 

I hope he gets another chance and I hope he can show he's still a capable second line center. 

I'm not saying HE IS.  I'm saying I hope he gets another chance at it and somehow pulls it off.


I tend to hope he might get a chance and find a place here still as well, but I wouldn't be shocked if they ship him out this summer if at all possible. As I think I said before, if he was benched as long as he was, as often as he was, and in the playoffs, clearly Babcock wasn't the only one in the organization who had lost faith in him. Babcock didn't make decisions by himself, and wasn't it said that Holland was trying to move him at the deadline? I think if Holland has the opportunity to move him this summer, he will. Whether he has anything left in him at this point remains to be seen, but it's hard to imagine the Wings taking that gamble again next year if they can find a way to not have to.

I am very excited to see what Blashill can do with this team. But what I am most excited about is there are no guarantees where players will line up on the roster... Will Ericsson remain on the top pair? Will Smith get a look on the power-play? Will Weiss have a chance at the 2nd line center spot? Will Jurco be in the top 6(9)? Will Pulkkinen be utilized better in the offensive zone (left side faceoff circle), Will Abdelkader / Helm remain in the top 6 (not necessarily saying they shouldn't...)? Will Ferraro / Callahan get a look on the 4th line? A lot of question marks... Going to be an exciting training camp. Can't wait!!!


This, but I really, really, really hope Holland does something on defense this summer so the idea of E on the top pairing isn't even a possibility. We're not going to land a top guy, but I have to hope we can land someone better than E...


And as much as I don't like E, I'd be more tolerant of him if he were in a different role on this team.


Smith is definitely going to get a look on the power play. He's had issues, sure, but he's still young. No way his time will run out here before he gets more opportunities.

In Topic: It's Official: Babcock to coach Maple Leafs

22 May 2015 - 09:35 AM

So you were there when Babcock talked to his wife and heard her say I don't want to go to Toronto, even for that much money? No? Then how do you know what his family wanted? Money absolutely was a factor, but if anyone gets offered a huge raise to go to a new company, I guarantee 99.9% of the time people leave. I mostly like where I work now, typical BS you find in any company aside, and it's less than a mile fromy house. But if I got am offer to drive 25 miles for another $3 an hour, I'd be out of there in a second. Fedorov wasn't about the money either. He'd wanted out of Detroit for years, despite what he said in the media. He tried his best to get out after '97 and only came back because that ridiculous contract the Camels offered got matched. He wanted to go somewhere he'd be THE guy.


"But it's really, super duper, convenient for his argument.  Will you reconsider?"