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#2020736 ran into abdelkader last night

Posted by martyrme19 on 30 July 2010 - 10:41 AM

I'll probably play along and not post it long enough until he makes another bulls*** call. I might have a change of heart by then.

Also, that doesn't mean I wont have my own biddings to do. I feel like I owe Red Wings nation a little redemption.

He actually was gonna go into a whole explanation about RFA's but I told him I knew most of it already and frankly the stuff kind of bores me so I told him not to bother. I'm sure he knew the exact amount but was probably just roughing it for me after that.

#2020708 ran into abdelkader last night

Posted by martyrme19 on 30 July 2010 - 09:04 AM

So Justin was at Lou Ha's last night - I was sporting my vintage wings shirt that I bought down the street at Dean Miller's store (Ryan and Drew's dad), and he was kind enough to chill with me while having a few drinks.

A couple of points you guys might be interested in -

I asked him what he expects to make in his new contract and he said somewhere just under a mil. I asked him how he communicates with his agent when getting a deal done and he basically says that he stays out of it but you just pretty much compare yourself to other guys in the league.

So then I continued to tell him how I think its bulls*** that I beat him a few years back (he remembered we killed them 8-2) and now he's about to be a millionaire and i'm stuck making around 10 grand a year being a s***ty part time waiter. He laughed.

So then I asked him what happens to him if the wings end up signing Modano. He said that he probably wont get as much at that point, around 800k, but that he'll be signing no matter what and he's not really thinking about it cus he's basically just waiting.

I also asked him if he ever goes online to read message board posts (since I know we've have a few threads asking that question) and he goes definitely not and kind of laughed. I told him that most everything I read everyone gets a boner cus they expect you to be a huge fighter as he gets older. So I asked him if Holland and Co ever sit him down to talk about an "enforcer" role and he said no. Its all up to him, he just fights when he feels like it and there is never any talk about him bulking up or getting in more fights.

I also asked if Illitch and the family are as awesome to the players as us wing fans like to believe and he said that really they are. He stressed that he's heard other players make comments about it before.

He went on to tell me a little bit about how surreal it is for him to be playing for the wings since he grew up being a fan of them. I could only imagine just how surreal it must be.

I meant to ask him if he knew anything about Helm's situation but I forgot. All in all it was a cool convo. Hopefully it peaked some of your curiosities.

Ok, and side note about O'hallaran -

My girlfriend lives in the same neighborhood as O'hallaran (sp?) but she would never tell me what house is his because she knew I would do nice things like mow his lawn, or unexpectedly clean his car. Anyways, apparently her other family members who also live across the street from him think he's a huge jerk for other reasons and they just got in another fight with him. So she got pissed off and went and showed me his house.

So i was just wondering - should I post the guys address so people can send him nice letter's of appreciation or maybe leave thoughtfully paper bagged wrapped presents on his front porch? Or would this be in poor taste?