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    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    I wouldn't go that far. I used to watch a lot more hockey. I don't have as much free time these days... I used to watch a lot of CHL games (mostly with Wings prospects), 50-60 Griffins games a season, and every Wings game. Now I barely watch anything outside of Wings games (still don't miss a single game), and maybe 10-20 Griffins games, and nothing noteworthy outside of that... I never voted Trudeau. You hate Canadians? Me neither. I know as much about politics as Jonas knows about hockey...
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    Weiss and Abdelkader look pretty much the same out there these days
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    It's called committing to your loved ones. Hes realized his dream and will be a millionaire either way. Why take hers away?
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    Jonas Mahonas


    Lets Go Baby. Mantha! Hype! Zadina. Seider. Larks, AA, Filly Hro. LGW
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    Welcome back LGWers
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    I'm bored...

    ^^^ What you think you look like at your parties What you at actually look like:
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    Oh Captain, No Captain?

    There's no C in TAAAANK *
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    Red Wings Hirose - Veleno - Zadina Loggins - MacLeod - Kuffner Smith - Pearson - Lukosevicius Casey - Soderblom - Yetman Regula - Seider Berglund - Lindstrom D'astous - McCrea Romeo Fulcher Maple Leafs Korshkov - Der-Arguchintsev - Conrad Robertson - Elynuik - Brazeau Stotts - Abramov - Alistrov Nelson - Bradley - Estephan Kivihalme - Hollowell Rubins - Lindgren Kral - Larochelle Scott Zhukov I'm sure of two things... 1. Over half of that Leafs roster is a bunch of made up names. 2. Wings are going to destroy the Leafs tonight. I don't care that it's a Prospects Tournament. F*** the Leafs!
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    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    Seider is like Nick Lidstrom except he doesn't make mistakes.
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    Most underrated D-man of his era.
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    Hall of Fame Boards

    Yup, everyone here has a reputation and knows each other well. That's what I love about this board and why I've never migrated off. I think the board felt a lot more like HF boards back in the Wings heyday. Since the team declined, and therefore the number of fans, this board has only increased in the dysfunctional family feeling. Those who remain are the true hardcores. When the team gets good again bandwagon fans will come back, and this group will be able to say we were here through the bad times... Keep it real you lovable f***s
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    May as well have asked me to become a Leafs fan
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    The 91 of Ryans

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    I bet you friend was happy. Leafs fans love meaningless hockey games.
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    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    Veleno HYPE! https://dobberprospects.com/player/joe-veleno/ https://dobberprospects.com/prospect-ramblings-roster-bubble-prospects/ https://www.nhl.com/redwings/news/red-wings-prospect-veleno-impresses-in-first-wjss-game/c-308399912 https://www.tsn.ca/dach-veleno-and-lafreniere-dazzle-in-top-line-tour-de-force-for-canada-1.1344525
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    Canes PR intern just wrecked all of French Canada in one tweet
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    Holland reads this board. All those posts about "Jurco shouldn't be on the fourth line, if he played with a McD center he'd have like 1000 points" he's starting to realize were true. He's studying. Learning. Evolving.
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    We signed filppula?! Holland really needs to go!
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    Are you gonna be like this for the next 24 hours? I kid. Have at it. Unleash the beast.
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    2019 Draft

    I love the Seider pick! Watch that guy being interviewed he's very sharp, self-aware, and seemingly willing to be a team guy. The argument about where he should have been picked is based on mock drafts... remember these guys aren't scouts they just play them on TV.
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    The 91 of Ryans

    2020 Tank

    I share the same thoughts. Few others: - I agree with Brian Burke (yuk!). I think they the lottery should have a cut off point. Somewhere between 6 and 10. No team finishing 17 - 21 should have any shot at the lottery - If the current system is not amended I'd rather go back to the old "you draft where you finish" format. I have way more tolerance for watching an already bad team deliberately lose than I do watching Chicago, Carolina, or Philly jumping 12 spots into the top 3. - MUST HAVE RADIUS CLAUSE: If you have won a cup within the last 5 years, no moving into the top three. If you have drafted top 3 within the last 3 years, no top three for you this year UNLESS you finished bottom 5 in the standing.
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    Thank you Blues for giving the sole possession of the longest cupless streak to the Toronto Maple Leafs
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    I "liked" your post, but just to make it clear, I don't "like" it, I just agree...