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    It was mostly a bunch of guys sitting around a smoke filled room bragging about how they’d been fans since the 40’s.
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    I was at a meet and greet media event in Toronto last night. TSN radio personalities were there talking Leafs and Raptors playoffs. One of the guys there from TSN, was Jamie McLennan. Since I'm a smart aleck, and old enough to not be star struck, I told McLennan I'm a Red Wings fan, and said I remember when he two hand slashed Franzen in the 2007 Playoffs. Jamie laughed and said, "Franzen went down easy, and he resurrected the next day to score the series winning goal in over time". We made more small talk about that series, and I got a picture with him. Jamie's wife, Steff, is one of the producers of the radio show he's on. She was there too and I told her the same thing, I'm a Wings fan and remember when Jamie slashed Franzen. Steff laughed and said, "Yeah Jamie will never live that down". Walking out at the end of the night, I saw Steff again. I told her I got a picture with Jamie, enjoyed meeting him, so all is forgiven. Again she laughed. She added, their sources are saying Yzerman becoming the next GM of the Red Wings, is pretty much a done deal. Oh, I'll add Jeff O'Neill was there too, but he was kind of a jerk. I said to him, how great a team the 2001-02 Hurricanes were, and how nervous I was playing them in the Final. He just kind of looked at me, and brushed me off. Whatever Jeff.
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    The way I see it is the Wings will still miss the playoffs, and chances are we'll have a reasonably good chance at picking in the top 5. This team needs these stretches of success in order to tolerate the losses which will eventually come as well.
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    Happy with 6th Pick?

    The most statistically probable thing happened AND I'M PISSED
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    Stevie Y as GM is our lottery win.
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    Good, I never wanted Hughes or Kakko anyways. They suck. Whoever we pick at #6 is who I really wanted.
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    2019 Draft

    Ok. So I've done a 180 on this. Looking at it calmly, obviously wanting the #1 or best odds to get it, but honestly finishing 6th and winning it, rather than last and losing it, sounds good. Since the odds are so stacked against teams anyhow. There are a lot of great players in the top 10, we will get an impact player for sure. Plus I am so happy to see this team winning on the backs of our kids. It'd almost be better to draft in a slot where we can pick a player based on need rather than having to pick a player because he is projected top 2. Don't get me wrong, I'd still love to win Hughes or Kakko though, and hope we can, but we'll get better next year no matter what.
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    So I gotta ask...

    Tanking is for democrats and children Gimme dem wins boi
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    Let's start a thread about who we want to play in the second round.
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    TB vs CBJ - Series Thread

    Barstool Sports posted this on their social media with the caption: "This is what a drunk text at 2am to your ex looks like."
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    Watching the game w my wife.. Wife: Chelios? Me: yeah Wife: Chris Chelios? Me: nope his son. Wife: Cheli’s chili plays in the NHL now!?! lol!
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    Put McIlrath and Witkowski out there and have them mug Marchand.
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    On special right now. Buy one Red Wing, get an Abdelkader free.
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    Have a nice 'break', fellas!! See you guys next game! LGRW!!!!
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    30th place. 1 pt up on La LA Land with the extra game played. If I was allowed to post images it would be Mr Burns doing his best "excellent!" Now trade those assets and lock this tank downnnnnn
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    Helm and Rasmussen

    Haha. But I will remind you that that same source was right about the Smith and Kindl trades a bit before they happened. But I admit it again, it's just talk, and I said so in the rumor thread. The one thing that is guaranteed true is my buddy Dan does play pickup hockey with Russ Baumman' s dad. I think it's pretty cool when I hear rumors and talk from him. Whether or not they happen doesn't matter. It's cool and makes for good hockey talk. And on the occasions things he says do happen, then it makes it super cool. But I'll take the butt of your jokes, after things I've been through, I enjoy your jokes and jabs. Life is too short to take anything like this to heart and get all offended and mad. I love you guys!
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    The Larkin Era has officially begun!
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