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  1. kickazz

    2019 Draft

    Has Jack Hughes scored 50 in juniors yet. Also why isn't Caufield projected to be higher in the draft?
  2. Gratz on the name calling.
  3. Yzerman was a 4th pick not 20th. Check how many in the top 10 in 83 draft made HoF. Then check the from pick 10-20. Do the math and look up the word "probability".
  4. First round pick. Jack Hughes. Even the post dead wings era; when we drafted Yzerman with the 4th pick; its been said that it was an instant seller and caught the attention of many. Yzerman singlehandedly sold tickets and brought life to Red Wing hockey. Superstars sell tickets. They make everyone around them better and they win championships.
  5. Well yeah, we're not tanking as in purposely losing games. But the bolded parts is basically the way of getting a high draft pick. Which is what people equate to modern day tank. Neo was of the opinion that we don't get rid of Nyquist for draft picks. That we keep the secondary guys around, and if we finish in the 20th place it would be more respectable than finishing last and build through that. I'm saying that's stupid. Pardon my bluntness.
  6. I know, I already argued this point previously that his first "Season" was spent playing 9 minutes on average and the year following was a little more. Last year was his first full actual year in a somewhat higher role. This would be the second in that continuing role and he's done well. Larkin is the better player overall. But goal scoring wise this question is legitimate for this year.
  7. Yes the franchise is a joke now, the team confidence is so low that Larkin and AA can't even put up 20 goals. Player development is so terrible that we haven't managed to put together a franchise center yet. This guy Zadina we picked up is lazy and he sucks. Can't even shoot, could barely play in the NHL with the lackadaisical attitude in the locker room. You’re excused and so is your argument that would get the Red Wings nowhere aside from making you feel better.
  8. Typical answer of a hater. Yes we are all Red Winge fans and the players’ fans. I’m guessing you must not be? FYI my favorite player currently is Larkin. I just happened to recognize another’s abilities and potential for growth rather than dismiss it 3 years into their career. I'm allowed to ask this question and make this thread.
  9. Not a single name call towards you on there. But nice try, I understand it’s 2019 and everyone sensitive needs to have an attempt. (Also hypocritical given how much you criticize certain people of a party for being sensitive specifically when you bring up politics in the forums. Bravo). I insulted and dismissed your argument. Because it’s silly and purely rides pride. That's the kind of mentality that f***s up teams for years and years and one of my biggest pet peeves (see above with the colossal failure that Pistons had with your strategy; me being a Pistons fan obviously). Wanting a team to miss the playoffs and finish 20th place for ego satisfaction (since it’s not last place) rather than getting a high draft pick is dumb and counterproductive in a parity era. Plain and simple. And it's also not much different than the "rebuild on the fly" that Holland attempted no matter how much you think they're different. The end game is that same, we end up having mediocre picks; rather than top 5 picks. Arguing any further on this point would be like arguing with Jonas on one of his trolling arguments.
  10. Well there’s 7 people who voted AA, not sure why it would be considered blasphemous to ask the question.
  11. This is quite literally the dumbest argument I've seen in a while. Call me fallacious or mean or whatever. You would rather this team miss the playoffs and finish in the bottom third of the league (20th - 25th line you say) and NOT get a high draft pick? I thank the lord we don't have a GM that thinks like this. Your argument is basically egotistical rather than anything being close to rational. That you would rather this team not be "a joke" for some sort of pride issue? A team like you suggest would be the butt end of EVERY joke. "Detroit Red Wings, notorious for finishing 20th in the league every year, missing the playoffs, and having s*** draft pick and then continuing to be try hards and still not making the playoffs nor drafting a top player". This is basically the Detroit Pistons from 2009 to now. Can't get a good draft pick, always finish 20th or a little worse and then rinse and repeat. The repeated cycle caused the Pistons organization to become completely insignificant in the league, and even if they make the playoffs this year they'll likely get demolished because NBA playoffs the super team just simply always win. So unfortunately for them the situation is even worse. This debate is over. I have nothing to add towards something this silly.
  12. Who do you think? Larkin then?
  13. I'm sure @Neomaxizoomdweebie will be happy to know that the Red Wings didn't tank for this game and won and AA scored both the goals. Right? Nah something's not right in that equation.
  14. kickazz

    News From Around the NHL

    You're kidding right?