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  1. kickazz

    1/15 GDT - Wings vs Ducks

    Up yours Hughes
  2. I don’t think Larkin, Veleno and Cholowski have what it takes to win Stanley Cup. Even if they hit their ceilings. We need another bomb ass superstar or two.
  3. Is that really all that impressive though? Isn't the league scoring up this year? Kings by far have one of the worst top end scoring
  4. If the Wings had a player like Fedorov and Datsyuk within a span of two decades then I'd say not impossible at all to get another one soon.
  5. Zach Parise became good again
  6. That guy is still on the team? Figures. Having a career year too.
  7. Dude, he's a veteran that brings experience and would show the ways to the young players...
  8. He'll get it. He'll just fart a lot and be bloated is all. Poor Ken.
  9. Long as they cover his celiac dz diet he gud bruh Muhahahah Hughes.