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  1. MabusIncarnate


    3-0-0 to start is something, it is preseason, but it's a quality chance to see a lot of the kids all at once and what our potential future holds. Once the season starts, i'll start posting up some GDTs with graphics and whatnot, and as always, anyone else who wants to contribute is more than welcome. Let's make it 4, i'll be at work for this one but will be checking up on the score. LGW!
  2. MabusIncarnate

    New Lettering

    I wasn't, I had it narrowed down to two and @Jonas Mahonas didn't disappoint.
  3. MabusIncarnate


    Once upon a time in a LGW long, long ago, you could downvote posts. I have Game Center but not NHL Network so it's likely blacked out and i'm not desperate enough to watch "another source" for a preseason game and deal with that garbage, so likely will just catch the game tomorrow. I wanted a look at Zadina real bad and he's not in tonight either. Either way, hoping the kids make a good impression. LGW!
  4. MabusIncarnate

    Henrik Zetterberg has Retired

    Going out a legend. I feel so thankful that I got to witness his career from start to finish, as he stayed loyal to the red and white through good times and bad. I hope his long-term quality of life is tolerable and i'll never forget the sacrifices he made for the good of the team, the fans, and the city of Detroit. Hank and Pavel in their prime was such a gift to us, and to the sport, and he will go down in NHL history among the all-time elite. Thanks for everything Z, this is always tough as a fan to see your captain go, and a new generation to start to take form. First it was Yzerman and Lidstrom, then Pavel and Hank, next, Larkin and Zadina? Time to drive forward with the youth and LGW! This season won't be the same without him.
  5. All realistic, unrealistic, and dream scenarios aside, please, please, PLEASE be our next GM. Please.
  6. MabusIncarnate

    Not An Underground Meme-Ban Resistance Thread. Mods Do Not Click.

    Okay I won't click, thanks for the heads up guys.
  7. MabusIncarnate

    Zetterberg's status in 2 years. MOD WARNING PAGE 6

    Throws you over the glass I think for the long term quality of life, it's time for Z to hang them up. It disturbs me a little bit knowing what Franzen is going through, even to this day, because of his hockey injuries and sometimes it's not worth 50+ years of pain and suffering to play one more season. He has nothing else to prove and can go out a legend.
  8. MabusIncarnate

    Zetterberg's status in 2 years. MOD WARNING PAGE 6

    GDTs pre-game don't need to change, same with "X posts for a game whatever victory" in 2025 when we make playoffs again, fill it up all you want as long as the content is within site rules.
  9. MabusIncarnate

    Zetterberg's status in 2 years. MOD WARNING PAGE 6

    The next spamming of memes, off topic posting and photoshops will lead to suspensions going forward. We have spent too much time cleaning this up, and it's gotten way out of hand. We have been more laid back this offseason and it's getting taken advantage of, keep things on track, on topic, and stop doing this. Thank you.
  10. MabusIncarnate

    Dylan Larkin Signs ($6.1M x 5 yrs)

    There's a Water Cooler for a reason guys, let's keep things on track here and put the extra stuff where it belongs. Get back on topic and let's keep things a bit more respectable here. Thanks.
  11. MabusIncarnate


  12. MabusIncarnate

    A Friendly Reminder, Politics are PROHIBITED

    It is in our terms of service, and part of your agreement to post on this site. No politics. Period. No Trump jokes, no calling each other liberals, the only thing far right that should be discussed is the position of a winger. This is a strict policy that will be enforced after this warning. We want no part of it here, at all, anywhere. Stick to hockey and non-political discussion, this will be strictly enforced going forward. Keep it entirely off of these forums. Thank you.
  13. MabusIncarnate

    Mike Green Officially Signed *Mod Warning Page 4*

    Politics are 100% strictly forbidden from these forums. There is no exception. From this point forward, and any future threads, any mention of the president, any politics, liberals, republics, democrats, etc will result in a warning. Nothing made this place more toxic than before we had the ban on politics, and it has improved this place drastically. This is getting out of hand, respect the site and the rules and end political discussion here and now.
  14. MabusIncarnate

    Andreas Athanasiou Officially Signed 2 yrs. $3M AAV

    Would have rather seen 2.5, but maybe if he got what he wanted this time around and not hold out like he did last year, it will improve his attitude starting the year. I'm okay with it, at least he's young.
  15. MabusIncarnate

    Development Camp Rosters

    It's all fun and games until you realize harassment online to this extent is illegal, and your original account has a tag on the user map with all of your info submitted.