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  1. MabusIncarnate

    2/17 Sisyphean GDT - Flyers @ Red Wings - 6:00 PM ET (NBCSN)

    I'll be here for this game tonight, wound up getting stranded for a few days in Nashville with car troubles but got back on Friday. It was a good time. Hoping for a strong effort from the Wings and the kids, but at this point, i'm pulling for a plummet in the stands the rest of the way and a better shot at Hughes. LGW!!
  2. I'll be at the game tonight, guy I work with is a Preds season ticket holder and he sold he his tickets for the game. Might try to check in at intermission if my phone has a charge. I'll snap a couple pics and throw a hotdog at Blashill. LGW!!
  3. MabusIncarnate

    2/1 TGIF GDT - Maple Leafs @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

    I'll drop the gloves with hockeymom for that 1st line spot WE'RE BACK!! HYPE!! LGW!! I'm at work until midnight. Enjoy the game everyone.
  4. MabusIncarnate

    All Star Weekend Idea

    I'd watch this, and put Jalen Richard in every hockey event after he claims he could be NHL ready in one year's time.
  5. Oh boy here we go, get it done Edmonton we need to go into the break in 31st place to ruin any remaining confidence or momentum
  6. Helm you better hold that puck against the boards until Luke gets a shift you SOB
  7. When my purple care bear gritty portrait expired
  8. Look at Ehn with the slick moves
  9. There's still time for a regulation loss, no need to get that loser point boys.
  10. I hope Jimmy gets lit up in the all-star game and he can get on board with the tank for the 2nd half of the season.
  11. I love AA, don't get me wrong, but boy does he act out and dive a lot more than i'd like someone on my favorite team to do.