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    Hockey, Gaming, Fantasy Sports, Baseball. Interested in Paranormal and UFO study and discussion.

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About Me

US Army Veteran, served 2000-2004 88M E-5. BCT at Fort Sill, Oklahoma and AIT at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. I was a big wheel truck driver and spent almost half of my term at Fort Dix, New Jersey hauling vehicles from NJ to a naval base in Florida.

Born in Staten Island, NY. Grew up in Metro Philadelphia and Ohio until I was stationed in New Jersey. Also lived in Atlanta, Georgia. I recently moved and currently reside in Tennessee. I have a 5 year old female Redbone Coon Hound, and a 6 year old fat, long haired black cat.

I am Head Admin for the paranormal and ufo discussion community for 12 years titled The Church Of Mabus, it includes forums and has evolved into a weekly radio broadcast. The radio broadcast averages 315,000 listeners weekly and airs on local New Orleans FM Radio and online. I am also primarily in charge of all graphic design work as i'm proficient in photoshop and desktop publishing.

I worked with an artist for Darkhorse Comics on his web page for 5 years, writing articles and video game reviews. I've been gaming since my Atari/Colecovision compound console in the early 80's and still going strong. I'm currently an avid Xbox 360 gamer and am on most nights.

Been a die hard Red Wings fan since 1993, all-time favorite player is unquestionably Steve Yzerman. I became a fan when living in Ohio as a kid before the Blue Jackets existed, as the Penguins had come off back to back cup wins I decided to root for the next team geographically closest to me which was Detroit.


I currently work as the Manager of a massive. privately owned Restaurant and Lodge, I am head of media, the webmaster for our online site and store, accountant, and bookkeeper.