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Isles acquire Tim Thomas to get to cap floor.

Trade trade

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Posted 08 February 2013 - 07:29 PM

Sorry if this sounds stupid....the Isles have done the trade in order to get to the capfloor = + 5 million right? So I guess they have to pay him otherwhise why should this contract count against the cap? Or is this just a new "punishment" rule?
Gotta feel sorry for the Islefans their ownership is an absolute trainwreck and couldn't care less about the roster. It is really sad to see all these young talents wasting their best years for Charles the nickle and dime king Wangfu.

Apparently the cap hit counts because it's a 35+ contract, but unless he reports to the team they don't have to pay him actual money. The Bruins were stuck with Thomas's cap hit but weren't paying his salary because he was suspended by the team for not reporting to play.

So we're 10 games into the season and have our first shining example of CBA circumvention.

The Isles add 5 million to their cap hit in order to get the floor without paying out any actual money or making an effort to improve their team(this is assuming Thomas won't report to the Isles either, which is a pretty safe bet). Bruins in return shed $5 million in cap space they were stuck with because of Thomas's 35+ yr old contract. And there's a very good chance one of the conditions of the draft picks the Isles gave up is that Thomas has to play for them. So the Isles likely won't even have to give up a pick.

Essentially what happened is two GM's swapped $5 million in cap space.

Can't wait for the next lockout.

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