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Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

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And when we dont make the playoffs and the camera is on Holland he will star blanky and say what fellas..............? We _______ ______ ______

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Hey look, everyone's getting better except Detroit.

My thought's exactly. Ouch.

As... "average" as this team's core has been this year, to think you can sit idle and do nothing and push for the playoffs is ridiculous.

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As much as I want him to make an impact trade... Kenny is doing it right.

You don't make a trade just to make a trade... If he feels like he is being fleeced, don't do it.

Kenny doesn't have 4 cups under his belt as a GM for being stupid.

I'm as frustrated as the next, but in a shortened season where we are down, why make a move when you don't have to.

We've been essentially standing pat for how long now? At what point does this become laziness, or worse? What are the odds that we get to this summer...and stand pat? And then get to the next trade deadline...and stand pat? And then get to next summer...and stand pat? And then....

And for how long do we ride the 4 Cups? And how many of those were solidly, squarely, undeniably, unequivocally Holland's?

Holland just doesn't seem hungry to win. He doesn't seem to want to do everything in his power to make this team as competitive as possible. It seems like it's more a "Well, if something falls in my lap, great. But it has to fall in my lap" M.O.

Hurray for complacency!

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