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10/15 GDT : Blue Jackets 1 at Red Wings 2

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Roy... Oh Jeez... I can't believe he's back in our lives as Wings fans. I thought we were done with that idiot.

Apparently he's doing a good job? See I thought maybe his coaching tenure would turn out like Gretzky's. We still have time to see that episode happen I suppose.

In the first home game against the Avs I hope Ozzie works between the benches.

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only 10 pages for a GDT? Where is everyone?

I missed the first period to take a midterm and just had it on in the background while I did homework during the other 2 periods... The only game I've been able to watch fully was the first one of the year. I feel like such a bad fan! At least I wore my Datsyuk shirt today, right?

Saw the highlights and parts of the game. I liked what I saw! They are definitely a puck possession team again, which is good. The east won't be able to handle us! Pittsburgh who?

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