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11/27 GDT : Edmonton Oilers at Red Wings, 7:30 EST

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I keep giving this team the benefit of the doubt, and keep waiting for them to get their s*** together. Just when you think they may be turning a corner, they go backwards again. Tonight should have been another easy two points, but of course they have to make it difficult and head to OT again. It's easy to think it's still early in the season, but before you know it it'll be March, and all these squandered points against basement teams will bite them in the ass. Guess it is what it is though.

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Ahhhh, the old dump our junk for a great player trade offer. These always work out for us...

Neither Pulkkinen or Jimmy are junk. They both have definite value. Not to start up the Buff discussion again, but the guy is a rental. A couple of months of a very good player costs much less than people seem to think around here. It's not the same as trading for someone with a contract.

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