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12/11 Santa Ho GDT - Red Wings @ Capitals - 7:30 PM ET (NBCSN)

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Where's Witkowski at?  This game is boring and out of hand.  Need to send this team a message for the future.

Also, let's not forget this team was trash last night.  They were outshot by a wide margin and were fortunate to get the result they got.

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not a shut out!!  hell yeah, Let's GO Red Wings!!!!


18 minutes ago, MabusIncarnate said:

Anyone sticking around for the 3rd? Debating this or going back to Red Dead

I never miss a game.  I don't leave when they are having a hard time... LGRW!!

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15 hours ago, kylee said:

Let’s have Larry Murphy suit up. Where’s he at?

He's at Dick O'Dow's in Birmingham.  Funny thing is, I'd actually take that bet.  A buddy of mine see's him there all. the. time.

I have a pretty funny story about Murph throwing a balled up napkin at my brother (who is from Denver) and telling my brother to go stick the napkin "up Claude Lemieux's A$$!!!"

It's actually pretty interesting to think that: in his last years with us, he was likely the slowest player to ever play in the NHL.  It's was brutal.  However, if he did suit up he'd be even slower...which would mean that he'd be so far behind the play...that he'd be a threat for stretch pass breakaways (going the other way).  Hmm ;)

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