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    Good for him. It's pathetic that people think that just because someone is famous they have the right to constantly harass them online. This guy didnt send one tweet to biz he sent like 15 in an hour. I guess it doesn't count as online bullying if the guy is rich though. Good to know. Don't start something that you can't handle. Well done Paul.
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    Source: http://www.theleftwinglock.com/2013/08/19/training-camp-alumni-and-celebrity-roster-announced/ Also to avoid confusion, this is not the roster for the Winter Classic Alumni games, it's a charity alumni event held during training camp.
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    The misconceptions most Americans have regarding Detroit are staggering. I've had to deal with it a lot here since the bankruptcy was announced. I've taken every opportunity to school people but it still gets me heated. Detroit is like family--I can talk s*** about it but god help anyone outside of the family that talks s*** about it Love that city. Always hustles harder.
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    The X-factor is Howard? How many times does Jimmy have to prove that he can hold his own? He may not have the flash that Quick or other goalies have, but that kid is a workhorse. Never takes a night off. When it comes to reliable goaltending he's right up there with King Henrik and other top goalies. Alfredsson is a 1 year complimentary piece. I'm betting he'll work out great as another veteran swede, but if he doesnt, oh well. He'll be retired in a year. Honestly we're lucky to have him as an option for the time being. Weiss is who I'm most excited about. Watched him since he was 16 with the Plymouth Whalers. Since then I've followed him. He's been a top line center for the Panthers for years with almost no other decent players around him and yet he's preformed (aslo their captain). On this team he'll a well above average 2nd line center.... Which will also allow Datsyuk and Zetterberg to play together so they can get all their sexiness on Whether the young guns step up or not doesn't matter. We have many plan B options. If Nyquist, Andersson, or Tatar don't cut it, we always have Bertuzzi and Sammy to step in. The only real weakness I can pick out is at D. But again most of our D is young and due to become ever better this year and throughout the year. CANT WAIT
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    To each their own I guess. I'd rather watch Eddie Olczyk than Tim and Sid, and I'd watch Jay Onrait read the phone book.
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    OP: this is not meant at you. Where's the big outrage and calls for the NHL to move the Sens?? Wait, just because it snows there and its in Canada, the team HAS to be successful, no? Atlanta, Florida, Tampa, Arizona, etc.. all lose money and people scream for the owner's heads and demand (as fans with NO input) for the teams to be moved to more viable markets. What about the precious Sens? Should they be moved. The article spells it out, they've lost (and continue to lose) Millions per year. Quick, back up the Uhaul, these Sens should head to Seattle/Portland/Kansas City/wherever. Someone will build them a new stadium and the new fanbase will love them and shower the owners with guaranteed profits! Step 1: lose money, move franchise. Step 2: ?? Step 3: PROFIT!
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    Fox Sports 1 Debuts today

    It appears they are mostly obsessed with Paulina Gretzky and other half-naked women, judging by NHL their website. You guys enjoy!
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    Ken Kal calls Tigers game 8/15

    Just as I thought it would sound
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    I agree, Ally. If someone had sent him a single tweet, that's different. Even if it had been a nasty one, it can still be ignored. When the guy spams him with nasty tweets, that calls for some sort of action. There are few ways to take the high road in that situation. Ignoring him wouldn't have done any good- he'd have just continued and filled up your twitter with nonsense. Whining or resorting to name-calling would have been juvenile. This dealt with the problem decisively. I'm not a fan of his, but in this case Biznasty gets my
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    Who do we Unload, reload on before the season starts?

    I know, right! With our luck, he will break Helm's ankle with a snap shot, tear Nyquist's ACL with a knee on knee hit, and give DeKeyser a concussion while boarding him before the season starts.
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    The Wings need to get stronger on D not weaker. Any scenario where Dekeyser is sent down to GR for any period of time is flat out stupid. I don't understand the love this board shows for a 5 foot 8 inch enforcer (Tootoo) who couldn't crack the line-up in the play-offs or a gap filling Center (Emmerton) who is average at very best. If Holland continues to fail in the trade world to make this team better we need to cut bait with marginal talent and support the poor contracts he handed out last year. I don't care who comes or goes from the back end, Nyquist, Tatar and Dekeyser need to be in the line-up if we are serious about winning.
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    Holland did well this offseason, but he's also handcuffed himself with the NTC's he was handing out like candy in previous years.