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    I'm really surprised how well the Caps are doing against the Bolts. Didn't think they'd be this dominating. As to your second point, this is true. This could be like when we finally beat the Avs, then went on to win back to back Cups. Sometimes, its just one team blocking you from greatness.
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    You wouldn't feel like the guy in the porn videos who sits in the corner?
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    Actually, it should probably go in the "My Fantasy" thread.
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    3:06 PM - 20 Apr 2016
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    Caps up 2-0 after 20. Outshooting the Bolts 9-2. I like the Caps in this series for two reasons: The Caps have become a Trotz team this season, i.e. they now know how to stifle high-powered offenses and grind out close wins in low-scoring games The Caps slayed their dragon (the Pens) and a victory like that can be the mother of all shots in the arm
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    Of course you will...You hipster.
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    Will they also be showing the Patterson-Gimlin film?