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    Mantha has been totally invisible tonight. As usual.
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    anxiously awaiting lineup to see todays level of hype this? or this?
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    I believe Flex Seal is the new sponsor.
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    RedWings morning skate before tonight’s preseason game at @NHLBlackhawks (8:30, NHL Network joined in progress). Lines: Helm-Nielsen-Mantha Smith-Filppula-Zadina Erne-Veleno-Kuffner Loggins-MacLeod-Kestner That 4th line might be filling in for a line that played last night. defense pairs: Ericsson-Green Daley-Seider DeKeyser-Saarijarvi Lashoff-Lindstrom
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    I just received a sternly worded letter from Mantha's parents ordering me to state, for the record, that Mantha is not in fact playing tonight and that I am a very mean person.
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    hi guys, I missed you all (and the Wings) all summer... welcome back. LGRW!!
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    2020 Draft Thread

    Yeah, you're right. It is somewhat hard to get really going. But then the blackhawks jump up to nr 3 in the draft and my blood starts to boil.
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    Nevermind: From Kahn: Scrap these lines. Blashill said he’s going with a mix of these players and some that played last night and didn’t skate this morning. Veleno, Zadina and Seider are playing. Mantha and Helm are not. Kaski and Abdelkader also on list of players with minor injuries. AA, Larkin och Bert out with minor injuries aswell.
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    Lineup tonight should be decent right? Maybe some Mantha/AA/Tuzzi?
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    I was most impressed with Hicketts and Cholowski, personally. Hicketts definitely doesn't play as small as he is. It didn't seem to be a hindrance on him at all; on the contrary, he seemed like the most aggressive, physical guy on the ice. Cholowski is 100% head looking up the ice, fast skating, quick outlet pass defensman. He was good at getting the puck out of the zone and up the ice without turning it over, and kept the puck moving around the O-zone from the blue line. He had a couple opportunistic pinches down low that the Wings were unable to capitalize on as well, but he found the quiet area of the ice and if a puck was able to get through to him he would have a golden opportunity at the net. Svechnikov looked dangerous a time or two, but overall didn't stand out all that much to me. Rasmussen had the goal, but other than that didn't really stand out much to me either.
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    Didn't have a chance to see the game, but I think the right guys got on the board from the Wings' long term success standpoint. I think we dressed even fewer regulars than Chicago did (they had Shaw, Strome, Debrincat, and Perlini in the lineup). While nobody cares about Ford, Puempel, or Elson scoring it's good to see Rasmussen, Cholowski, and Svech getting on the board. Those are obviously the guys we need to be good down the line.
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    It was one game where both teams dressed mostly AHL players / prospects, but he did look good. He got banged around a few times, but made good decisions with the puck, and back checked hard. I didn't see any lingering effects from his surgery. His skating looks good. Rasmussen also looked good out there. His skating looks to have improved and he's an absolute beast in front of the net. He did lose the handle before the defender directed it in his own net, but still made the right play to get it to the crease for a scoring opportunity. The puck went in, and that's all that matters.
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    I like that Glendening got an A. I met a former #33 overall pick from the 90s who never made the NHL a few years ago and we talked the Red Wings. I asked what he would do differently if he had to do it again. And he said he'd play exactly Luke Glendening. His theory being that if u play like glendening you'll always have a job. If your naturally talented enough you'll have an even better job. Basically: focus on the little things like faceoffs and blocking shots and what not. Goals and assists come with natural talent. Be like Luke Obligations must force my leave. Go wings Win plz. Bye.
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    Griffins-heavy lineup tonight, so we aren't exactly putting on a clinic out there. Look decent overall.
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    Scotty on Holmstrom: Homer: "Can I get a high number?" Scotty: "Like what?" Homer: "98" Scotty: "Sergei has 91 you can't go past that. How about 96 (year was 95) cause that's the year I'm sending you home" Homer: "ok" and a legend was born
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    Carley is nectar Skeletor
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    Did belle tire pull the sponsorship yet? I miss belle tire. Nothing of that caliber on the west coast..
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    That was a Red Wings caliber power play.
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    I think I remember hearing Robin Lehner's name.
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    Svech has looked very impressive early on...
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    Wide edge in shots and Puempel has us up 1-0
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    2020 Draft Thread

    Yeah, forgot about the lightning(all team names in singular are stupid). Seriiously, f**k Tyler Johnson. Can't bring myself to hate on the sens, just feel bad for the poor souls who cheer for that team. Imagine having Eugene Melnyk as the owner of your favorite sports team.
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    GDT 9/17 - Blackhawks at Red Wings 730 EST

    Meme magic is real.
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