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  1. Aw, that's sweet.
  2. This makes me very emojinal.
  3. I like Hitch and respect him as a coach. The only reason I don't want him here is selfish. Whenever we play him, I can't even watch with people here because it is a barrage of comments about how he is no good as a person because he's fat. As a fat person, I find it hard to focus on the game when people are being so shallow and cruel. If he coached here, you'd hear it every single time someone disagreed with him. Bad PP? Hitch eats donuts. Bad PK? Hitch eats donuts. Bad anthem singer on the 2nd stop of our road trip? Hitch eats donuts. On behalf of Michigandrian donut lovers, I say pass....... the sprinkles.
  4. So if VIII is "The Last Jedi", what is IX going to be? "Oh, s***! We're Out of Jedi!"? Kind of catchy, actually.
  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Remember how bad our PK was when he was gone last year?
  6. Sarcasm. The other three definitely belong in there. Uwe? Yep. First name that comes to mind when you mention the others. Not.
  7. Can't argue those choices.
  8. Let's Go Red Wings. Please.
  9. Happy Christmas. Hope Santa brings us lots of wins for 2017.
  10. Nope I'll be working. The person below me is in a "winter advisory".
  11. Looking Sharp there, Kronner
  12. What was Eaves doing in the net back there a bit? He doesn't belong in the crease. His claim only goes down to the glutton-free stuffin.
  13. Prediction: Benn scores in the first period. Tatar scores in the second. Game is called during the third when Zetterberg and Eaves go to the corner for the puck and it disappears. After an hour and 23 minute game delay where both are meticulously groomed, the puck is found in Eaves' beard He is called for Delay of Game. Abby scores on the ensuing Power Play. Wings win 2-1. We all go to bed tired due to the delay.
  14. "Hookers" would be more hockey-related. They missed the boat there.
  15. Wait.. Frk's a Jedi? Glad we got him back. Poor kid had to take a detour to get where he was headed in the first place.