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  1. marcaractac

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

  2. marcaractac

    Targets for the Wings

    You're accusing us of guaranteeing s***, when we are just saying how we think things will go down. Much like you are.
  3. marcaractac

    Targets for the Wings

    There is nothing you've said that isn't an "if" or "maybe" itself. There are no "guarantees" like you seem to believe. We think it's likely the team builds upon last season. You think they'll be the same, if not worst. Earlier in this thread I gave examples of about 10 teams that can very well have a lot go wrong. Not including the three train wrecks that will finish below us regardless. I like the odds of a better finish.
  4. marcaractac

    Targets for the Wings

  5. marcaractac

    Targets for the Wings

    You did not say it was possible, you implied it was VERY likely. That's why we disagree with you. You think Yzerman is gionna trade Bert and Vrana for futures, despite him stressing that trading these types of players, he wants a younger, NHL player as part of the deal. Hence how he got Vrana to begin with. Teams pay Yzerman for a player entering their prime years for a younger comparable plus futures. He wants a competitive team that can win games. Because that's how you DEVELOP these young players.
  6. marcaractac

    Targets for the Wings

    Remeber how much Yzerman stressed we need to hit on some of those 2nd, 3rd round picks? He ain't counting on no top 5 picks for this. He'd make the playoffs this season if there was a way to do it without mortgaging the future.
  7. marcaractac

    Targets for the Wings

    ******* Tampa made the final four at one point during their rebuild. Clearly Yzerman is not afraid to ice the best roster he can during a rebuild. If ******* Dougie Hamilton called up Yzerman two days ago and said "yo, I wanna play in Detroit for 2-3 years". Clearly Stevie would be all over that. This idea that Yzerman signs stop gaps by design to be a bad team is absurd. He doesn't get the good players because they want (and get) big term and big money. Yzerman gets the best he can while collecting futures and protecting the cap. It's really that simple.
  8. marcaractac

    Brenden Smith placed on waivers ON HIS BDAY. LOL

    subtract Hamilton and Bean. Add DeAngelo and Smith. GO home Canes, you're drunk. Nothing like dumping your goalies and dmen after finishing top 5 in goals against and pk.
  9. marcaractac

    Targets for the Wings

    Obviously you weren't being serious. Read between the lines please. The point being made here is that nobody has said the rebuild is over. It's words you are putting in everyone's mouth for some strange reason.
  10. marcaractac

    Targets for the Wings

    The only person that has been saying the rebuild is over is you
  11. marcaractac

    Targets for the Wings

    Massive overpayment
  12. marcaractac

    Targets for the Wings

    Right? If Yzerman could make the playoffs right now without ******* the future cap and giving up important assets, he would. He's not holding back the team "by design" to get a top 5 pick. He is making the team as good as he can while collecting assets and protecting the cap. For everyone worried about not getting to build this team with any lottery picks: Tampa was able to win a cup with just one: Hedman (Stammer played one game in the playoffs last year). Yzerman stressed time and time again some of the later picks have to hit. He is not counting on top picks to build this team.
  13. marcaractac

    Jakub Vrana Signs in Europe

    T'was joke based on dialog from other thread
  14. marcaractac

    Jakub Vrana Signs in Europe

    Who cares, apparently he'll be traded by the deadline anyway
  15. marcaractac

    Targets for the Wings

    On the Mantha trade, Yzerman was pretty set on getting a roster player back (Vrana). No reason to believe that won't continue to be his standard in these trades. He wants certainty in his returns, clearly. Prospects and picks don't give you any of that. As for Bert... Yyes, Yzerman is too busy to sign Bert, but made time for Ras and Pickard. We may not have heard about contract talks with Vrana and Hronek. But we also didn't hear that there weren't any, either. There is precedent with the Bertuzzi thing. Nobody can deny that.