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  1. No, I am not saying that all will actually want out, I was just saying that if things don't get better, at least competing game in and game out, they all may just be ok with waiving their NTC's to GTFO of this train wreck. Firing Blashill will be a step in the right direction. Like I said during the game, we can still compete for Jack Hughes all while competing on the ice. We have a team full of NHL talent, we just need a coach who knows how to coach in the NHL and utilize that talent. We need ownership that holds coaches and players equally responsible. We are great fans, proud fans, this is a proud franchise (or once was) and we aren't going to stand for 10 years of garbage of a "rebuild." We have our core, Larkin, AA, Mantha, Cholowski (showing great strides) Rasmussen (being ruined by Blashill.) Why waste that core's prime years? Make the necessary moves (coaching and then possibly players) NOW in order to utilize their prime years. Let's not just "wait" for contracts to expire (Kronwall, Ericsson, Howard, etc...) to make some moves, because, well, loyalty. We need an owner who cares about this team and this team exclusively. We need coaches that have fresh, NEW idea's and philosophies. I like Holland, he drafts well, he's make some shrewd deals recently, but he needs to be told to make more of them, forget this crap about being loyal to a fault. We have tons of cap space with the LTIR, make the necessary moves to put this team in the right direction NOW. Back in the early 90's that is what they did. They made a deal, signed a player, recalled a player and if none of those moves worked out, they dealt with it. They acquired Jimmy Carson for a (at the time) huge payload, when he didn't work out, they dealt him away. When better player(s) became available, they made the move(s) needed in order to acquire that player to move this team forward. They made some mistakes, but quickly atoned for those. It seems now, if they trade for someone, sign someone, they just won't atone for that mistake for fear of tarnishing their loyalty reputation or admitting they made an error. I like Nielsen, but has he worked out? No. He hasn't sucked, but he has not made this team better by any means. Trade him. He is now in his M-NTC portion of his contract and can submit a 10 team No-Trade list. That leaves 21 teams that he can be dealt to. Deal him, for whatever you can get. Plenty of these "vets" are tradeable, prove to your fans that you are interested in making this team better, one step at a time. I don't care what Mike Green did last season, he should have never been re-signed. That was a pure loyalty move because he chose to come here years ago. I am a huge DD fan, and don't see him being dealt at all, but at least open the phone lines on all of our "vets." I've had it. At least in the early 90's you saw the direction this team was headed. This team has no direction now. Sure we'd all like Jack Hughes, but at least compete on the ice and lose with dignity. Not the garbage I have been watching all season thus far...
  2. LeftWinger

    Has Blashill finally lost the team?

    This ownership is no longer the best in the NHL. It seems Chris is too afraid to make any moves that are needed in order to turn this franchise around. Rewind if you would, Jacques Demers just won TWO Jack Adams trophies in a row, 1987 and 1988. He coached the Wings to 1st place in the Norris again in 1989, then losing to Chicago in the 1st round. Missed the playoffs in 1990. FIRED! Back then, this ownership didn't take any s*** and didn't stand for mediocracy while "rebuilding." Bryan Murray came in and built the foundation (all while making the playoffs every year) and helped create the team that dominated the NHL. Is there a Bryan Murray or Scotty Bowman out there to take Blashill's place? Don't know. But if Demers can get fired for s***ting the playoffs and missing ONE playoff season after win Coach of the Year two years in a row, then Blashill has to go, immediately. We need ownership who cares about winning, cares about the fans, hold's both coaches and players accountable. It makes no sense that Blashill still has a job after the last 3 season's results. Maybe it's just not Blashill that has becomes stale, maybe the Ilitch's have become stale as well...again, bottom line is something drastic has to happen before I continue to sink my hard earned money into this franchise. It's way past time, it's way past acceptability.
  3. LeftWinger

    Has Blashill finally lost the team?

    Bottom line, this is unacceptable. He has to go. I'm done wasting my money on the product he's produced.
  4. Like I said, these guys will ALL be waiving their NTC's just to get away from this train wreck.
  5. ....and I will cease to be a fan. It's already not as important as it used to be, but this absolutely disgusting. We can still compete for Hughes, while still competing on the ice. Blashill is a disgrace to The Winged Wheel.
  6. I'm on Fort Street with you.
  7. ******* Blashill has to go. Bottom line. He is the problem. I'm so frustrated it's ridiculous. Enough is enough...
  8. Didn't we draft Ras because he was a powerplay specialist? ******* Blashill ruined his game too. We need a coach that lets these players play to their game, not "The Process."
  9. How the f*** does three people miss an open net?
  10. Really? Abby and Nyquist?
  11. Time for our "enforcer" to enforce.
  12. AA proving he is our best scorer. Time for the Mrazek breakdown? It sure would help...
  13. Do you think that Carolina's rookie Fogle's nickname is McLovin? If you want to score, there's no reason to have Helm or Glendenning on the ice. Of course if they had a real coach, they may be ok. Am I the only one left? Folks should get up and walk out of the arena right now. All 500 of them.
  14. Horribly coached team. If Blashill makes it to the 3rd, there's no way he should make it to the next game. Ilitch can not seriously "like the direction" this team is going. Jack Hughes or not, I cannot watch this crap. It's embarrassing. We need a Mrazek meltdown, but I'm pretty sure he'll shut us out. We keep playing (being coached) like this, everyone will waive their NTC, just to get the f*** out of here!
  15. Yes, great pass by Jensen. Nah, we don't need Faulk, we got Ericsson.