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Official 2014 NHL Trade Deadline Thread

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Hemsky to Ottawa for 2 picks....nah Holland doesn't want to move ANY picks. Fire Holland is heating up!

Could use a solid vet like Visnovsky. But only if they want a bag of pucks in return, then again I don't even think Holland wants to give up pucks.

Kenny's hands should be nice and warm all the time he has spent sitting on them.

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Im not one to bash Holland on trade deadline day... But c'mon!!! Picks you wouldn't give up a 3rd and a 5th for a guy like Hemskey

AND only pay SOME of his salary. We don't need playmakers....

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Hemskey to Ottawa for picks??? We are 4 points out of a first round meeting with the B's and have 2 games in hand. And this guy goes for picks!!!!

Hemsky for a 5th this year, and a 3rd next year.

Not saying Hemsky is the answer, but this is a few times already we've seen decent players go for mid-level picks.

Are we in rebuilding mode? Ok, then trade for picks?

Are we making a playoff push? Ok, then trade for someone...?

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