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#2619150 Nyquist Files For Arbitration

Posted by 55fan on 05 July 2015 - 08:41 PM

It's amazing how fast people will turn on a player.


If memory serves, this is more of a basic procedural thing than a real indication that things are going poorly.  By filing for arbitration Nyquist forfeits the right to accept an offer sheet from other teams.  In other words, he's committing to the Wings by filing.  


Today is the deadline to file so the timing is likely a result of that, not something that happened with the Wings.  I'm pretty sure this is something players do that's just a backup plan for a worst case scenario. And again, by doing so he cannot accept an offer sheet from another team. 

I was just explaining the arbitration process to a non-hockey fan the other day and part of my explanation was how people panic and then someone (usually a guy named Harold) steps in and reminds people that it means that the player is forfeiting offer sheets and not to panic. 


I got the strangest look.


I think Gus will go somewhere in the 3-3.5 for 3 years range. He had the hot start to the year last season that got people buzzing, but then he cooled off.  We know he has the potential, but he still has to prove that he can be consistent.  Hot and cold streaks happen, but consistency over all is as valuable as talent.

#2616314 OT Changes

Posted by 55fan on 25 June 2015 - 08:45 PM

Here's a thought.  Everyone hates the "loser point" because it makes some games worth more than others (which can effect other teams in the standings) and because people are afraid that players play it safe to get "at least one point", thus bringing on the shootout.


How about if we have 2 points to the winner in regulation or overtime, and 1 point for winning a shootout.  Loser gets nothing either way.  If everyone knows that they're going home empty-handed with a loss either way, but they only get a point for winning in the shootout, they'll kill or die to get it done beforehand.


Yes, it has an effect on the standings, but it only hurts the teams that let it go to a shootout instead of their competition. 

#2615994 Yzerman wins GM of Year (& other awards discussion)

Posted by 55fan on 24 June 2015 - 08:11 PM

Stevie has gotten them to the SCF.  That's more than a lot of GM's have done lately.  Congrats to him.

#2615387 Sean Avery - Transition Season

Posted by 55fan on 19 June 2015 - 10:07 PM

Most of us look forward to retiring, but most players don't get to leave on their own terms.  They're just not re-signed.  They have to go to the minor leagues or go on to something else with no training.  It has to be tough.  I had to quit the job I'd had for 15 years due to health, and it felt like I'd failed.  I can't imagine how it must be for them.


On a lighter note, did anyone see "Sean Avery- Transition" and remember that he used to work at Vogue and think, "Oh, man, what is he up to now?"

#2613928 NBC Sports chairman wants NHL ban playoff beards

Posted by 55fan on 10 June 2015 - 10:26 PM

As I am understanding it, his problem with the beards is that the players look different with them (during the playoffs, or at least the latter stages) than without them (the rest of the time).


I would guess that real men, such as Hank, who wear them year-round, are not included in his "play-off beard ban". 


In the interest of creating peace and harmony between the two sides, I suggest that when players are interviewed, bearded or not, the network put the player's name at the bottom of the screen because, you know... literacy is an actual thing.

#2613371 Report: Cleary wants to return for 1 more season

Posted by 55fan on 06 June 2015 - 10:02 PM

Put him in on the Maltby plan.  Sign him, but let him retire if he doesn't make the team at camp, and give him an office job.


If he makes it, we have someone who can be counted on to fill in if there is an injury and is a good motivational person in the dressing room.  If not, best wishes and we'll see you in a suit.

#2611422 Z and Emma expecting

Posted by 55fan on 29 May 2015 - 03:50 PM

No one can claim the Euro Twins title except for Pasha and Sasha (as Holmstrom coined the nickname). 

Pasha had a baby girl last year.  If Hank has a baby boy this year, and the two kids grow up, get married, and have a set of twins, can they be called the EuroTwins? 

#2611126 WCF : (3) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (1) Anaheim Ducks

Posted by 55fan on 28 May 2015 - 05:52 PM

Hey, guys, it's not that bad.  Remember in 2007 when the Ducks won the cup?  They had a whole parking lot full of people come out for their parade!

#2610704 WCF : (3) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (1) Anaheim Ducks

Posted by 55fan on 27 May 2015 - 08:40 PM

This is unpleasant.

#2610062 Name That Band

Posted by 55fan on 25 May 2015 - 05:30 PM

If you ain't cheatin' you ain't tryin'.


Now I shall don my thinking cap...

#2609854 WCF : (3) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (1) Anaheim Ducks

Posted by 55fan on 23 May 2015 - 09:58 AM

Wasnt it Perry who said to Datsjuyk that he will kick his ass but ended getting his own ass kicked? So fk Perry.

Yep.  And he told Pavel to tell Sammy (Mikael Samuelsson) that he was going to get him too.  Someone was miked so it was recorded.  He sounded like an 8-year-old trying to mouth off to a 12-year-old who just shrugged him off and later, when the 8-year-old attacked, put him in his place.

It was lovely.

#2609809 Z and Emma expecting

Posted by 55fan on 22 May 2015 - 10:02 PM

Hank and Emma had sex. I'm not sure which one I'm more jealous of...

Kind of making an assumption there, aren't you?  He could have willed it with the Power of the Beard.


Not saying he did.  The other way sounds more fun.

#2609801 ECF : Tampa Bay Former Rangers vs. New York New Rangers

Posted by 55fan on 22 May 2015 - 09:25 PM

Does anyone else think that Alain Vigneault looks like Dan Aykroyd?  Not Dan as a conehead.  It's the hair that makes the resemblance noticeable.

#2609256 Datsyuk's House

Posted by 55fan on 20 May 2015 - 10:19 PM

He's just dangling it on the market to see it's value.

Dangling to find out its net worth.  Wants to see if it's a top-shelf house.  Being a bit forward about it, though.  Probably has two realtors and is cross-checking the results.  Or he could be looking into renting and wants to see if anyone is interested in boarding. 


I'm gonna shut up now.

#2609181 Datsyuk's House

Posted by 55fan on 20 May 2015 - 05:35 PM

Maybe he's buying Babcock's old house, which used to be Osgood's.