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    Eklund's gained credibility over breaking this new offer is actually more interesting than the offer itself lol. It's nice that this will lead to a deal but it's annoying that everyone involved knew it would probably be January till a deal was done pretty much right from the start. We as fans cannot let the owners/players forget about this BS lockout, not for a long time.
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    It seems each time the NHL makes an offer and makes some concessions the NHLPA responds with basically the same offers they have been making to the NHL all along only dressed up differently. I am surprised the NHL has actually kept making all these offers. I hate to say it but if I were an NHL owner, I would have told Bettman to axe the season months ago. I just shake my head at this dog and pony show from both sides. Even if there is a season this year, I am not going to any Wings games. I usually attend 4 or 5 games at the Joe and go to Toronto if the Wings are playing there. But not this time. I can't stomach giving any money to either side right now. I know neither the owners or players could care less though.
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    New CBA

    I can assist. Oh please, Saint Fehr has been honest and forthcoming in these negotiations. He cannot and has not sinned. That should sum it up.
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    If the amnesty/buyout clause does kick in, who do the Wings use it on? Franzen? Samuelsson? Bertuzzi?
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    I think this should solve that problem (if i understand it correctly): "- Each Club will be entitled to execute up to one "Compliance Buy-Out" prior to the 2013/14 season pursuant to which payments made to the Player will not be charged against the team's Cap, but will be charged against the Players' Share."
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    I agree. The best way to speak is with your wallet. The NHL makes a ton of money off gate receipts. Just don't go to games. That will be a pretty big blow to the NHL. The problem is that many people aren't dumping their season tickets over this. So the NHL and NHLPA have zero incentive to do anything for the fans.
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    HC Davos VS Team Canada

    During the spengler's cup, the league stops. A lot of players are free to play the tournament if a team ask them. For team Canada, they take players who are skating in Europe. But with the lockout, team Canada looks impressive. Spezza, Bergeron, Tavares and many more. The tournament: 2 permanents teams, Davos and Team Canada. Are guest an another Swiss team, one from KHL, a German and the last one changes every year. Finnish, Swede or Slovakian. Brunner and Kane were invited by Davos. Marc Streit wanted to play but his team said no no no! The game: IMO it was a mistake to play Brunner with Kane and The other one. Against Canada you think D first and these three just wanted to score. Paradoxically, Brunner looked good on the PK and better than Kane during the game IMO. For Canada, they used 4 right handed players in PP. I think it's a bit strange. Canada's coach is Doug Shedden, also coach of EV Zug. He knows Swiss teams very well and it's an advantage for team Canada.
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    Linus Omark

    I'd rather see us going after a defenseman.
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    You mean "even though he ended up in Calgary..." He IS a Calgary Flame. I may not like the tool, but I am damn glad he is OK. I watched BOTH Malarchuk and Zednik happen live on TV and neither of them was a pretty sight and were both super scary and made my heart skip...I thought I was watching someone die on the ice...Get Well soon Hudler, so when the NHL returns we can whoop your can!
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    really happy to see he's okay, at first I started reading the title and my heart immediately sank
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    rick zombo

    Yakupov VS Cherry

    He's has his moments, but Don Cherry is mostly a pig-headed idiot. Signed: A very very proud Canadian and huge hockey fan.
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    Yakupov VS Cherry

    I'm not sure I follow. Yakupov says the Canadians are dirty. In order to prove that they aren't Cherry talks about team and league administrative decisions that are made completely off the ice? Cherry is a retarded dinosaur. Stop listening to this old curmudgeon Canada!
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    Countdown to January 14th

    No hockey. I wouldn't trust these people to walk into a room with only one door and remember how to get back out again.
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    Linus Omark

    He'd probably be a power-forward on our roster. OH YES I DID