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    Miller making a shortstop type of play. Amazing!
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    Wow! Miller! WHAT A FREAKING SAVE <----- Goose can't believe it!
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    I love that the Joe was cheering Miller's save. What a beaut.
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    Gotta give Ryan Miller props for that.
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    Howard was huge there in a very average way.
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    heehee!! my favorite... aside from the Laughing Hudlers
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    Please let him photoshop in a Jokinen cheeseburger in the top left corner.
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    Tribute orange hat in honor of Kenneth Rucker (orange hat guy). How F'n awesome are the Wings for doing that?
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    Wow, what a save by Miller!
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    That was a heck of a shOtt by Steve Ott for the insurance marker.
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    he gOtt his first goal as a Wing, and it's a keeper! woohooo!!
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    My first player avatar in a long long time. Thanks Nerve. AA out. Grrrr.
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    Nyq's face says it all...
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    Larkin back on the ice, a good sign. Maybe he just needed the skate resharpened. Howard looking good thus far.
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    Oh I was looking at my computer, didn't see Kronner on the screen. I'm liking the new and improved Ericsson here lately. THATS what you do to a body in front of the net when you are 6 foot 5.
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    His visor protects the name brand of the helmet he wears more than this pretty face.
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    I met him after taking a leak in the trough...Shared a few laughs...Was a good guy. If I recall - I even bought him a 24 oz Molson Canadian...Man that was many ounces of alcohol ago...
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    I bet we couldn't trade him to Winnipeg for a dollar.
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    I am blaming Keating and Ozzie... they jinxed the Wings right before the start of the 4rd....
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    Good for Smitty. Shades of Lidstrom against the Canucks in the playoffs in 2002. (Hence my earlier comment). Great faceoff win by Hank to get it going.
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    Get some glasses ref! Nice pressure in the Canucks zone. Nice bodying that guy down Ericsson.
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    Notice how he he wears it? Didn't you see how he had it when he was behind the net?
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    Great GDT, Nerve! Let's Go Wings!