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    Gotta give Ryan Miller props for that.
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    Howard was huge there in a very average way.
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    heehee!! my favorite... aside from the Laughing Hudlers
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    Please let him photoshop in a Jokinen cheeseburger in the top left corner.
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    Tribute orange hat in honor of Kenneth Rucker (orange hat guy). How F'n awesome are the Wings for doing that?
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    Wow, what a save by Miller!
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    That was a heck of a shOtt by Steve Ott for the insurance marker.
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    he gOtt his first goal as a Wing, and it's a keeper! woohooo!!
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    My first player avatar in a long long time. Thanks Nerve. AA out. Grrrr.
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    Nyq's face says it all...
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    Larkin back on the ice, a good sign. Maybe he just needed the skate resharpened. Howard looking good thus far.
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    Oh I was looking at my computer, didn't see Kronner on the screen. I'm liking the new and improved Ericsson here lately. THATS what you do to a body in front of the net when you are 6 foot 5.
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    His visor protects the name brand of the helmet he wears more than this pretty face.
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    I met him after taking a leak in the trough...Shared a few laughs...Was a good guy. If I recall - I even bought him a 24 oz Molson Canadian...Man that was many ounces of alcohol ago...
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    Impressive job ragging time off the clock on the delayed penalty. Goose hit the post and the crossbar. So close.
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    Great job keeping possession during the delayed penalty. Goose, soooo close!
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    I still have no idea what he is reacting to in this GIF. Honestly, I never want to know. I just want it as is.
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    lol - Mickey on Kadri... Kadri makes these hits, and doesn't expect having to fight...Kadri is atop of McDavid, and nuthin happens...Kids these days.
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    I am home. Had a late day at work due to ratifying the arbitrator's decision (in our favor!) in our contract dispute, here's hoping the Wings win big and the board also ratifies so we have a contract after over a year without.
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    Great GDT, Nerve! Let's Go Wings!
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    Great looking GDT, thanks for posting it up Nerve. You are quickly making a name for yourself around here among the few Photoshop gurus we have on board.