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    Being a gambler I think number 6 is about to hit and hit big time.
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    IF I got the same kind of return Chicago got in 07 with 1/3 Kane/Toews I would be willing to tank for that. OR if I was able to tank back to back like Pittsburgh and get Malkin 04 and Crosby 05 I could suffer through 2 very bad years. But again the chances of getting that kind of talent like they did is beating the odds pretty pretty pretty good. So sign Green get as many picks as you can and build build build
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    With Edmonton's win on Saturday, we've now moved to 6th worst. (Same spot as we finished last year.) A #6 has never won the lottery. So depending on whether you lean to the optimistic or pessimistic side of the gambler's fallacy, we're either due or doomed.
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    I would think anyone who wants to see the young players make strides. If you’re looking at this season in terms of wins and loses, I guess I see your point, but I look at this season as a year where hopefullly our youngsters take their games to the next level. I care more about a player like Svechnikov developing then a player like witkowski fighting.
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    Just wanted to say that so far in 5 gp with vegas, tatar has 1 goal and a -5 lol
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