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  1. it could happen, and I will hope you are right.. .I love this team, hate to see them struggle. They came ready to play tonight...
  2. I would say impossible. It will take three of them acting as one unit to do that
  3. that's what I said, too. Now, if Larkin is the New Z. And Baby Bert is the new Homer... who has the impossible task of being the New Datsyuk?
  4. would that not be pretty damned awesome if Vanek got a hattie, too? I would like that.
  5. to his credit, he looked displeased. Now, he needs to score another one and get a hattie and all is forgiven
  6. Baby Bert with as pretty a tip in as I have seen lately, ala Homer
  7. or... that could be a legit Latvian player. LOL
  8. Just came by to see how the Vanek bashers are handling this evening... LOL
  9. they are very manly.. .or boyish... Kill, Wings
  10. she's a cutie, too! Awww.....
  11. excellent GDT!!! and thank you very much for that shot of Lidstrom... yes, I am old, but not quite dead. Go Wild on the Wild, my Wings... you can do this! You're gonna win (at some point in time, why not tonight!) LGRW!!
  12. they made some major mistakes, but I can never be mad at them for trying their best... even if they fall short.
  13. I have residual expectations when I see a skater in Wings jersey tearing up ice one-on-one with a goalie -- I expect them to score. I realize it's been a while since that was realistic... but it's ingrained in my hockey psyche
  14. I like Cholo... he is such a babyface, and then opens his mouth, with that DEEP voice... one day, he may even shave... nice goal, by the way
  15. yeah, I go to Texas Stars games (Dallas farm club here in Austin) sporting Wings gear. The local very rabid Stars fans hate me with great glee... it's fun.