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  1. It was fun, guys... see you for playoff GDTs if someone is doing that. Otherwise, have a great summer!!!
  2. It was hard to see that record fall. But the Wings will rise again! I hate summer... it's 105 for three months straight here, and no hockey.
  3. Well, bless their hearts. They need to run the video of this game all summer long while they work out and try to figure out what the hell they need to do better in the Fall.
  4. if you're going to lose, make it truly memorable?
  5. 7-1 I have to check in with some Buffalo friends... they must be rolling on the floor right now.
  6. I do not think we're gonna win this one, guys
  7. haha, we are so generous... there we go padding other players' stats again. Skinner scores... again.
  8. Daley, maybe...
  9. PP WIngs. not a shut out.. but a couple more goals would make them happy, at least
  10. Yes, poor Jimmy. I don't know of any goaltender (aside from Hasek in his prime) who could have done better here tonight.
  11. me too. They are not trying to lose. No way. I believe they will use this as incentive and work their little butts off all summer, and come back stronger in the Fall.
  12. aww.... poor Jimmy. I love you, Jimmy, you deserved so much better than this today. I am so sorry.
  13. He is not permitted to be an extra-large pile of goo next season. I prefer your line of reasoning, Dabs.
  14. we are generous in that regard, giving lots of players on other teams padded stats. I am recording this game in case it ends up being a good finish (in my world, a win). October is a very long time to wait. I hate summer.
  15. They loved each other.. the fans were the one with issues.... ANTMANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!