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  1. we win... Isles sucked. So it goes! Happy for the Kuffner family, they got to see their son win his first NHL game... awesome stuff!
  2. he needs to just sit out the rest of the season, if he's not OK to go. Dangerous
  3. they can be forgiven for being lazy/sucky, since... you know, it's us? LOL~
  4. Hey, I am old, not dead, OK? I do feel a bit like a cradle robber with these children we are bringing up, however. the old crusty ones have retired! You are all handsome, in my opinion, Jonas!
  5. Greiss is good looking... I like a handsome goalie (OK, I like all goalies, pretty much). He should lose today, OK?
  6. we didn't totally suck in the second... I am not sure what to think about that trend....
  7. didn't we get a new special teams coach this season? Can we blame him??
  8. I completely agree. He's a good man, with a good heart. I was actually quite fond of him in Nashville (even though I dislike the Preds).
  9. score!!!!!!! AA and BB, from DD...
  10. be nice... he has no neck, so it's hard for him to make sudden moves...
  11. I am about to fall asleep here... keeping myself busy doing laundry and stuff during the frequent lulls.
  12. poop..... bad rush, but still not a great goal to let in
  13. the very small crowd.... I guess they are all in the bars?
  14. LOL!! Isles just scored on themselves... AA says thank you very much