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  1. Dabura

    2019 Draft

    I don't know how they're actually doing it, tbh. I guess I just trust that they are in fact doing it, or at least working hard on figuring out how to do it. I suppose I could be giving them too much credit, but they do at least seem to understand that growing hockey really starts at the ground level, i.e. appealing to really young kids and their families. I'm willing to accept it was a reach by conventional standards. But I think those standards are dumb and outdated and I should be running every team's draft.
  2. Dabura

    Rumors Thread

  3. Dabura

    2019 Draft

    I know some Canadians who believe the US eclipsing Canada is an inevitability. And I guess it makes sense. There's way more people in the US. Hockey is always gaining new fans in the US. USA Hockey is going HAM on its "Hockey is for everyone" initiative and trying to remove or at least reduce the standard entry barriers that have, historically, helped keep hockey firmly in the "niche sport" category in the States (high costs, difficulty finding rinks, the perception that it's strictly a sport for white people, etc.) tl;dr Canada: "THIS IS MY FINAL FORM!" USA: "THIS ISN"T EVEN MY FINAL FORM!"
  4. Dabura

    2019 Draft

    I just feel like the people who are criticizing the pick are doing so because bloggers and media slept on Seider, not because they've seen Seider play and didn't like what they saw. "Corey Pronman had him going later in the 1st and he said he lacks puck skill, so this was definitely a reach." Which, I mean, fair enough. I'm not trying to flex on anyone. I'm questioning this narrative that Seider was, without a doubt, a reach. I also think this whole thing about "dominating" Euro leagues is built on shaky ground. I think it's a superficial, overly reductive way of looking at Euro prospects. So we agree that talk is cheap and Yzerman doesn't need to go out of his way to sell Seider to fans and media. I guess I just don't really see it as much of a risk. I was really hoping for Zegras, but I had concerns with him. It's very possible he's a middling middle-six winger in the NHL. Cozens is bigger and faster than his peers and that probably artificially inflated his scoring. At his core he's a solid two-way player who doesn't necessarily own gamebreaking abilities beyond his skating. I'm really not sure there's significantly less risk with a guy like him than there is with a guy like Seider.
  5. Dabura

    2019 Draft

    Point taken.
  6. Dabura

    2019 Draft

    I can't say I've seen a whole lot of the DEL, but what I have seen has given me the impression that it's actually a pretty respectable league and that people should probably be paying more attention to it because "the German wave" could become an actual thing in the coming years. Basically the same deal with Seider: I haven't seen a ton of him, but the few games I have seen sold me on him being worth a top 15 pick and possibly a top 8 pick. I think the whole "lacks skill" thing is overstated. I think people really like their flashy, high-scoring Bowen Byrams and have been conditioned to assume that a young defensemen who isn't piling up points in his draft year "is the kind of guy you take in the 2nd or 3rd or 4th round," even if he's playing in a pro league. I think we could see a change in that mentality in the coming years. Indeed, that change is arguably already taking place. Would I have taken Seider at 6? No. But I'd been saying for the past six months that it's really hard to pick and choose between the kids in that range. If a realistic projection for guys like Zegras and Cozens and Krebs and Newhook is a 2C or a first-line winger...and a realistic projection for Seider is a 2D who logs 25 minutes a night...I don't know that there's much of a difference there. If anything, I'm tempted to say you should take the defenseman in that scenario, because good top-pairing defensemen are so hard to come by (as we well know). And, I mean, 6th overall is a swing-for-the-fences pick, no? Why not invest it in the Alex Pietrangelo Cream Dream Fund? "F*** outta here. 2019 Moritz Seider is not comparable to a young Alex Pietrangelo." Are we sure about that? Are we really, truly sure about that? I get where you're coming from re: Newhook, but, to be fair, the DEL is a pro league. Newhook torched a Junior A league. If Seider spends the 2018-19 season in the WHL, he probably crushes it. If Byram spends his season in the DEL, maybe he doesn't crush it. As for the Wings brass doing a bad job of selling Seider to the fans...I dunno, that doesn't really bother me. *shrug* Yzerman's pretty no-nonsense and boring and he's been known to undersell things. It's possible he's shielding Seider. "He could be our Hedman" isn't really something I'd want to saddle a kid with just to please fans and media. I'll go ahead and say Seider could be our Hedman, but I'm not the GM of the Wings.
  7. Dabura

    2019 Draft

    Thanks, Bupster. Definitely seems like Seider was an Yzerman pick. I didn't know Tuomisto was a Wright pick. I was actually quite pleased with Tuomisto. Admittedly, I was hoping for a slightly sexier haul, starting with Zegras at 6 and then maybe Lassi Thomson (who went earlier than I'd expected), Egor Afanasyev, and Mikko Kokkonen in the 2nd. But I agree that it's almost splitting hairs with some of these discussions about who we *should've* taken because *that* player was *clearly* the BPA. And, like I said earlier, Yzerman cleary has strong preferences. I think it's pretty safe to say he knows what he wants his Wings team to look like and play like and that team is the Lightning. Big, mobile defensemen and smallish, hard-working, sneaky-skilled forwards. I don't know if that will make the controversial picks any easier for disappointed Wings fans to accept, but I do believe there's a method to the pereceived madness and it isn't simply drafting for need.
  8. Dabura

    2019 Draft

    ...On the other hand, I'm surprised that people are so suprised that an Yzerman draft haul would look like this. Big defensemen who don't flash spectacular skill but are mostly smart and mobile and well-rounded and effective? Check out Tampa's D: Cernak: 6'4 Coburn: 6'5 Foote: 6'4 Girardi: 6'1 Hedman: 6'6 McDonagh: 6'1 Rutta: 6'3 Sergachev: 6'3 Stralman 5'11 Slater Koekkoek was traded to Chicago in January, but he's an Yzerman pick. (2012, 10th overall. *cringe*) He's 6'2. The aforementioned Erik Cernak was drafted 43rd overall by LA in the 2015 draft. A couple of impressions of Cernak from 2015: Sound familiar? Now check out the latest report on that page: 5 goals and 16 points in 58 regular season games as a 21-year-old rookie defenseman. 3 assists in 4 playoff games as a 21-year-old rookie defenseman. And check out that characterization at the top of the page (not sure when it was written): 6' maturity has never been an player...not super flashy...projects as a solid two-way player... Small hard-working forwards of the "Literally who?" variety? I'm sure I don't even need to name names, but I will: Gourde (a centerman): 5'9 Johnson (a centerman): 5'8 Kucherov: 5'11 (178) Point (a centerman): 5'10 Ethan Phillips, for example, has "Yzerman guy" written all over him... So. Yzerman's history is the main reason why I'm inclined to believe him when he says he went BPA in this draft. I think he simply has strong personal preferences, a short list of specific things he always looks for...and this year those preferences led him to pick 2-4 players that most people would not have taken at those spots in the draft. People wanna say Yzerman is the best GM in the league and then when he does Yzerman things it's all "WHAT IS HE DOING?!"
  9. Dabura

    2019 Draft

    I'd be interested to know how much the whole switching organizations thing factored into his focus and preferences and choices. Like, he says he first saw Seider in December. Maybe at that point he'd already decided he'd be leaving for Detroit at the end of the season...but maybe he hadn't. (There's probably a definitive timeline out there, but I haven't looked into it.) Maybe he was looking at Seider through the lens of "We (Tampa) have a late 1st. This kid looks like he could be there when we make our pick." Maybe it's the same deal with some of our other picks. Maybe he'd been focusing on players that you'd expect a Cup contender's GM to be focusing in on, i.e. relatively under-the-radar guys. That could explain why at least a couple of the selections were "reaches." Alternatively, maybe he deferred to the scouting team more than he otherwise would have because our scouts had been in "We're a bad team and we're picking early in every round" mode for some time.
  10. Dabura

    News From Around the NHL

    I was never big on Lavoie, personally. But it was a good pick for the Oilers.
  11. Yeah. Good-not-great veterans. Nothing especially ambitious. Basically, business as usual for the Wings. That being said, I doubt he's especially interested in Duchene. Age-wise Duchene just doesn't fit with where we're at. Contract-wise, he's going to get paid like a mofo.
  12. Could be. Personally, I'm starting to get the impression he's really not thrilled with our organizational depth chart. I think every time someone asks him how long the road ahead is and he says very long, he's being brutually honest.
  13. Dabura

    2019 Draft

    That's the spirit! Just to be clear, I was snarking on the WIIM crew. I'm sure Seider dgaf, nor should he.
  14. Dabura

    2019 Draft

    I like this draft for the Wings, but I can understand why a lot of people are feeling disappointed, especially after Holland's 2018 haul. If it's any consolation to those people, the 2020 draft class is supposed to be beastly. Everyone -- and I do mean everyone -- is saying so.