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potential team names for las vegas!

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ok...were bored,lets get it started! think about the marketing gimmicks possible!

Las Vegas Gamblers (kids..come get some playing cards & chips!)

Las Vegas Voodoo ( hangman voodoo dolls in your favorite/hated team)

Las Vegas Loan Sharks (foam baseball bat night)

your turn!

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Las Vegas Hangovers

Ya but then they won't remember what happened and they will have to waste a whole day looking for their goalie that's stuck in the elevator

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The Las Vegas Gonzos

(in honour of Hunter .S. Thompson)



Well whatever they call them, I'm sure that a decade after they start they'll be forced to use Nevada instead of Las Vegas when they move to a new arena in Henderson or Boulder City.

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LV elvis's

dont forget....polyester sequin jersey night!

$1 twinkie and big mac combo plate

free mutton chop for all kids under 12

LV mobsters....

pinstriped jersey night.

head coach has to yell with a cigar in mouth!

free tommy guns for first 1000 spectators!

LV heist

show up in a ski mask..get someone elses seat for free!

casino schematics on back side of ticket!

LV bookies

game time stats get skewed by home team...147 hits for...3 hits against

over/under available on ref getting shot.

slots at every seat!

players can double down their points!

puck looks like poker chip!

flashy lights blind goalies...think of the fun!

LV magicians

spontaneously fan appears on ice in uniform of opposing team!

puck splits into 3 at 1 min remaining!

teams can only use 1/2 body of goalie in 3rd.

intermission entertainment has Bengal tiger chasing kids on ice!

players can have puck up sleeve in case real one doesn't "work" for them.

sorry...getting carried away.

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