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Jersey Wing

Henrik Zetterberg has Retired

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2 hours ago, Neomaxizoomdweebie said:

What did I miss?

You call it a comeback, I call it charity. 

Avery is on the bench and starts chirpin the Avs hard. He starts going after Sakic and Hull responds by grabbing Avery and saying "you dont talk to Mr. Sakic like that".

Hull got mad class

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Zetterberg Adjusting to Retirement


For 10 years, he also endured an occasionally fractious relationship with Mike Babcock.

“Maybe people think that we hated each other, sometimes,” Zetterberg said. “I won’t say we did that. But, there were times when we weren’t that friendly, maybe.

“We always had an honest relationship.”

Asked how difficult it was to play for Babcock, Zetterberg said, “He is difficult. And, especially if you had him for 10 years, you know?”

“Any coach for 10 years would be hard,” Zetterberg said. “But then you add Mike into it. He puts a lot of pressure on guys. He wants you involved. He wants you to buy in.”

Babcock pushed players’ buttons.

“He found a way to push me into an 'I’m going to show you’ kind of thing. Not everyone, I think, can handle it,” Zetterberg said.

“He found a way to push the team in a way that we were always ready. But it took a lot from us, too, to always be ready.

“He put a lot into it, too. The preparation and how to approach the game was something that you see more now, in teams.

“My relationship with him has always been good. We butted heads a lot of times.

“I think he knew he could tell me whatever he wanted. And, I knew I could tell him whatever I wanted.

“And, somehow, it worked.”

His said his playing days came to an end when a degenerating disc eventually caused a nerve problem and a malfunction of a muscle that controls movement of the ankle.

The back spasms he began experiencing in 2006, a few seasons into his NHL career, resulted from his muscles accommodating the weakening disc.

“That’s when we noticed the nerve that had shut down the small muscle down there, and that it couldn’t control the ankle,” Zetterberg said.

He said he played two 2014 playoff games against the Bruins with the ankle taped to prevent almost any movement. The Wings lost the series, 4-1. 


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