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#2225363 The 2012 Off-Season

Posted by Buppy on 14 November 2011 - 05:01 PM

We're for sure going to hae to give up a lot to get those two guys. They arent going to come as ufas for free. Look at what happened with ehrhoff and wiz. Its gonna take guys like franzen and cleary or some young guys as well as a our first rounder to make that happen.

Wiz's rights went for a 7th rounder, Ehrhoff's for a 4th. Why would you think it would take a 1st plus players? Or do you mean as a deadline deal?

i think it's safe to say that it'd be very surprising if smith and nyquist weren't on the team at the start of next season. anything can happen of course, but it would be surprising if they started off in gr again.

They are still exempt and we'll have the cap space to add alternatives. Wouldn't surprise me at all if they both end up staying another year. If they play like stars the whole year in GR and/or they get called up here and make an impact it'd be a different story, but I'll wait until after that happens before I pencil them in to next year's roster.

#2225076 Ryan Miller's opinion on Milan Lucic

Posted by Buppy on 13 November 2011 - 12:02 PM

Miller is one of my favourite goalies here but f*** it, I like what Lucic did. Goalies get enough protection in the crease and around it. They don't deserve to go for a skate that far up the ice and expect to be protected as they aren't protecting the net at that point (otherwise the argument is the goalie being anywhere on the ice is considered protecting the net), they're playing the puck as any other skater. Lucic doing that, while infuriating him, lets him know that next time the puck is that far up the ice, Miller is taking a risk by going for a skate so far up the ice, and he just might think twice. I don't think goalie interference applies to that, even less do I think it's charging the goaltender. Lucic is finishing a hit on a player skating far away from his net to play the puck and not playing goal.

The reaction by Miller and Ruff is over the top.

While I agree that a goalie that far out of the crease should be fair game, the fact is, according to the rules of the game today, they are not. Therefore, Miller had no reason to expect he would be hit like that and no reason to protect himself from it. Lucic very certainly knows that rule, and so knew Miller was in a vulnerable position. Seems like a clear attempt to injure to me, and if it was my call Lucic would be sitting for a few games. I'd also suspend Miller for the attempted slash.

#2220676 Own success is our downfall

Posted by Buppy on 31 October 2011 - 10:06 PM

exactly, we are outshooting teams but not burying the biscuit enough to win games.one of two excusess,1) their goalie played on his head, so our guys aint working them out, but is funny how many times we do outshot teams
altogether and only win by the odd goal or lose. when was the last time we got owned on the shot count and won the game?
2)lack of a genuine sniper is costing us games that we should be winning.a fact that should have been addressed by
Kenny before now.

...what i wanted to imply in the org topic was that being so successful is slowly going to catch up with us if we dont make some sort of moves, standing pat will bite us in the butt eventually. There is no need for a complete overhaul by any means, as stated its only 9 games in and we have a winning record to date. I am all for getting some of our younger prospects in and giving them a feel of the big league thou instead of getting in players on 1 to 2 year deals as a stop gap not only would it help the rookies learn, but would also have left more $'s in the bank to make a move come the FA window.

I have to disagree about 'needing' a sniper. Yes, the offense has been stagnant the past few games, and the PP has sucked most of the season. But in the first five games we scored 18 goals, putting us near the top of the league. Last season we were 2nd in the league in GF, only 1 goal less than Vancouver (and that with Datsyuk missing time, and Mule, Huds, and Flip having sub-par seasons). It is far more likely that the first five games are much more indicative of our offensive capabilities than are the last four. Acquiring a good sniper would certainly be great, so long as we don't have to give up too much to do so, but it's not really needed. We have 3-5 guys capable of 30+ goals, plus another handful capable of 20+, and several defensemen that can generate offense. We could easily end up leading the league in goals this year.

I think you expect far too much from Kenny. Since the lockout we are the highest scoring team in the league. And that's with a down year following the loss of Steve and Shanny, and the injury plague in 09-10. Kenny has done a fantastic job, not just in helping us stay a contender every year, but doing so without mortgaging the future. Despite the lack of any top picks in recent memory; we are still a contender this year, AND we are in excellent position in regards the to salary cap, AND we actually have a pretty solid prospect pool.

Of course our roll won't last forever. It may even end sooner rather than later. But to say the organization should have done a better job, or even could have (without both the ability to see the future and employ mind-control on other GMs) is pretty ridiculous.

#2220207 Brunnstrom on waivers

Posted by Buppy on 30 October 2011 - 11:14 AM

This isn't true is it? Brunnstrom still has to clear re-entry waivers.

He does not have to clear re-entry waivers due to his two-way contract. Re-entry waivers are only for players making over a $105,000 in the AHL.

#2216121 Hudler?

Posted by Buppy on 18 October 2011 - 01:19 AM

You've written a lot of words here, but really haven't said much.

You have to read them in order.

#2216117 Hudler?

Posted by Buppy on 18 October 2011 - 12:36 AM

The Hudler for picks argument was always dumb.
The chance of Hudler producing well at the drop of a hat was always greater than the chance of getting an equally good player in the 4th round... not to mention the fact we'd have to wait 4 years to test that player on NHL ice.

"Dumb" depends on the situation. Trading him right now for anything other than a better top-6 forward wouldn't make much sense, sure. But after another 30-ish games if we need to open a roster spot for Mursak, who knows. Maybe Hudler will have 40 points and look like an all-star, maybe he'll have 10 and be a healthy scratch half the time.

We don't yet know how Hudler will perform. We don't know how guys like Emmerton, Brunnstrom, Miller, Eaves, etc. will perform. We don't know what our team needs will be, or if we'll need to open a roster spot. Speculating that Hudler might be a good trade candidate in 2 1/2 months is no more "dumb" than speculating that he'll still be a top-6 forward at that point.

#2214272 Season-Long Lines Thread

Posted by Buppy on 12 October 2011 - 01:52 AM

You just made it clear that you don't know what a playmaker is. Let me put it to you in layman's terms, Hudler needs someone to PASS HIM THE PUCK. Nyquist is a GOAL SCORER not A PASSER, aka a PLAYMAKER! He is a PlayFINISHER. When you have more goals than assists, that usually makes you a goal scorer. Here's an example, When Brett Hull was scoring all those goals in St. Louis, his PLAYMAKER was Adam Oates. In 1990-91 Hull had 86G and 45A, Oates had 25G 90A...Hudler needs to play with an Adam Oates, not a Brett Hull.

Both Nyquist and Hudler lean more toward the playmaker side than finisher, though both can score goals pretty well.

#2211238 Brendan Smith suspended for 5 games

Posted by Buppy on 01 October 2011 - 11:51 AM

... blah blah blah.

Addendum: Shanahan explains, that his (Ben Smith) head position did not significantly change. I would like to point out that his head position did change in relation to his left shoulder, which was the target. His head was protected by his left shoulder until he dropped it back and opened his body allowing the natural and pre-chosen trajectory to follow into his head instead of his shoulder. He still put himself into a vulnerable position by moving his shoulders.

I think you (and a lot of others) need to watch the video again. When Ben toe drags, his left shoulder moves forward relative to his head.

Brendan took a bad line to the hit. The suspension does seem a bit harsh, but hopefully he'll learn from it. Not just to avoid penalties/suspensions or to avoid hurting people but to be a better player. A few people pointed out that the hit was just a couple inches from being a good shoulder to shoulder check. But it was also a couple inches the other way from blowing by him altogether and leaving Ben with a clear break on goal. Brendan actually had to lean in a bit to make contact.

#2201341 After the 12/13 Season

Posted by Buppy on 27 July 2011 - 08:07 PM

You're talking about the future man... I assume we'll have some sort of laser-based defense grid guarding the nets by then. Howard and McCollum will probably be converted to defense drone pilots.

#2199887 Grade Holland

Posted by Buppy on 20 July 2011 - 01:49 PM

Can't really grade someone when none of us actually know what he really did. We only see the results. It's like trying to judge how a player played based only on the box score.

Based solely on the results I'd give this year a D. Judging on a curve based on my assumption of what the real options were, probably C+.

#2196322 Heatley for Havlat swap

Posted by Buppy on 05 July 2011 - 01:08 AM

The bottom line is that top to bottom, this might be the worst Wings team to take to the ice since 1991. And with proper foreplanning, it didn't have to be this way.


Yeah, Kenny should have planned better, like the Sharks. Then maybe we could have zero Cups or trips to the finals, but we'd all feel so much better after losing in the 3rd round two years in a row.

The Sharks have been pretty 'creative' post lockout, if you define creative as 'making big trades'. Two blockbuster deals before these Minny trades. Haven't won s*** yet, and it's debateable if they're even any better this year.

Stop kidding yourself. This isn't about wanting the Wings to win. Big trades and big signings don't guarantee anything, and I'm sure you'd admit that if you could be honest with yourself. You, and all the other whiners now bashing Kenny just got your hopes up for some big, exciting move and now you're butt-hurt because you didn't get it. Like a spoiled kid on Christmas that didn't get that shiney, new, must-have toy of the season. You're incapable of appreciating what you do get. Like Veruca Salt. No matter what you get you always want more. The more you get, the more you're convinced that it's always possible to get everything and a good Daddy would get it for you.

But in the real world, sometimes the store's sold out, especially when the stock was low in the first place. Sometimes, when you're trying to guess what the future holds, you're wrong. Sometimes Wonka doesn't want your money, no matter how much you offer.

You don't know what Kenny tried to do, or is still trying to do. You just assume, since the result was less than you'd hoped for, that he didn't try. Or he was stupid, or he's lazy and sucks. People were saying the same s*** in '00, and again '06. A lesser GM might have blown up the team, and we'd be a Cup or two shorter or even in full on rebuild mode like the Avs.

In the space of two years, we have made it through a pretty significant cap crunch while still staying a legit contender. Pretty good work, even if the teams weren't quite as good as we'd have liked. Now we've got the cap room, but we haven't found anyone to spend it on yet, and maybe won't at all this year. But all you can do is act like it's the end of the world because maybe we're only a good team instead of elite.

That doesn't make you a discerning fan; it makes you a spoiled brat.

#2196295 Wings sign D Ian White to 2-year, $5.75m contract

Posted by Buppy on 04 July 2011 - 10:27 PM

That was as clear and concise as it can be... Regarding Hollands lack of planning. Pavs will be back. We will pay him what he wants. Z is another probable lifer although I think Pavs is a better chance as a lifer.

What is bad is that Ken is doing this pick and choose crap with prospects and draft picks. If I was 22 and just won a championship in little league I would expect to be rolled out into the big leagues. Jurco is getting screwed and will want to leave if he watches his ex team mates scoring in the pros.

Maybe Im a different breed but when I buy something, I buy it because I plan to use it. Holland is stuck in the 90s with no cap and just see who looks good after we throw good money after bad.

Ill be rooting for the team come October, I just wont be happy about whos wearing a sweater as well as what our team will look like 3-4 years from now.

It seems you're just determined to hate Holland, so I don't know why I'm wasting my time, and I hate to derail the thread...

You can't really 'plan' to be this good for this long, especially with the veteran-heavy strategy that's been so successful. Low draft picks mean few top prospects. Older players mean fewer trade assets. Plus normal FA attrition. Plus losing Konstantinov and Fischer...

It is nothing short of remarkable that we have remained a legit Cup contender every year of Holland's tenure. No other team in the league has even made the playoffs every year. Many haven't been a contender even one year. While of course much of that success is due to Nick, Pav, and Hank, much is also due to Holland carefully planning for both the present and the future at the same time.

We are still a good team as we are. Good enough to win a Cup if we get hot at the right time. The Sharks got better on defense, but worse at forward. Vancouver and Chicago both lost a good defenseman without really replacing them. LA looks a lot better but they started behind us and we still have to see how they'll gel. Columbus got better but so what. Nashville is worse on defense and still doesn't have an offense. In the East Washington looks good, but still have that choker label to shed. Boston is about the same, Philly looks worse, TB still has work to do but doesn't look like they'll be any better, and Pittsburgh with a healthy Crosby may be the best team right now, assuming he doesn't disrupt the effort/chemistry they found without him. In short, I don't see any team that we aren't capable of beating. I'd say right now we're just outside the group of top contenders, and a bit ahead of the dark-horse range.

In short, we are not in a position that we need to dismantle anything, or make desperate moves now just because it seems like a good idea or because 'well, we need to do something'.

My point on Pav and Hank had nothing to do with them leaving as FAs. Pav is 33, we have maybe 3-5 years at most with him as a dominant player. Hank not much, if any, longer. It takes time for prospects to develop. Even if Jurco (who is 18 by the way) joined the team this year, and is a star in the making, he still might not be ready to take over for Pav in 3 years. Pulu and Jarnkrok are still in Europe. It's not a matter of 'picking and choosing' prospects, whatever that is even supposed to mean. It's that we don't have top 5 picks that are NHL ready on draft day. We draft guys that have a lot of upside, but also need a lot of development before they can play at this level. Pav and Hank both spent 3 years in Europe after we drafted them. Mule might have come straight over if not for the lockout, but he was also 24 when we drafted him. Guys make the team when they're ready (Helm and the stacked '09 team notwithstanding).

This isn't a game where we can just do anything we want. Other teams aren't going to trade for our s*** just because we offer them a lot of it. And there are very few sure bets that even might be available. Yandle looks great, but he could also stagnate or even regress. Even Doughty isn't a sure thing. Making short-sighted moves now may pay off, or may leave us in the same situation but with fewer options.

We have a good team. We have good enough pieces that it won't be the end of the world, even if Nick retires and we don't get an all-star to replace him. We have options at the deadline. We have another summer of free agency. We do not need to make a rash decision. If a good trade is there, great. If not, we need to be patient. Yeah, it sucks that none of the better defensemen made it to free agency. Sucks that the Sharks had the right parts to land Burns. But that does not mean we need to make dumb moves.

#2196257 Wings sign D Ian White to 2-year, $5.75m contract

Posted by Buppy on 04 July 2011 - 07:10 PM

Im not saying Buff in particular, Im saying a big name player LIKE him. Keith Yandle has a nice ring to it.

My point is we shouldnt be doing all of our rebuilding based on FA. Ill wait and see if thats why we have such huge cap space. If we are done with the D for the year Holland sucks. If he is working some trades then Ill reserve judgment.

I hope at least a few of you can see my distress in how we are remanning the team. Im a business owner and when you know you are going to have a coming retirement, you want to get a replacement in to overlap so that the new guy can hit the ground running so to speak. The way I see the setup right now, we are hiring with the idea that employee turnover will solve our problems. This isnt McDonalds or Walmart. This is a business that needs some career guys that are going to be able to climb the proverbial corporate ladder. Thats ROI not cheap and expendable labor like Holland is signing on right now.

I wouldn't go that far. No trade would be better than a bad trade. We have a good number of prospects, but most of the role-player variety, and mostly at forward. We have few roster players with decent trade value, and no real 'extra' players.

We also have a relatively short time in which to find replacements for Pav and Hank as well. I think we're out of time to find a replacement in the draft, unless we tank far enough to get in the top 5-10. I think the only hope of keeping the train on the tracks is for a couple of our top prospects to become stars. Tatar, Jarnkrok, Pulkkinen, Jurco, maybe Nyquist and Sheahan are guys with a chance. But right now we don't really know if any of those guys will even be the next Filppula. At defense we have Smith, and maybe Marchenko, and then a bunch of guys (mostly undersized offensive guys) who may never even play in the league.

Not exactly a plethora of assets, and if we give up too many of the forwards we increase the odds of needing to do the same thing in a few more years for Pav/Hank; possibly with fewer assets to work with.

We can either do a real blockbuster and trade Datsyuk or Zetterberg (or both) and a bunch of extras and try to address both forward and defense at once, or sell the farm for Nick's replacement and worry about the forwards when the time comes, or trust our forward prospects and try to replace Nick without using them.

The last option seems the best choice to me, but it limits our options. Flip or Mule could be traded, but they'd also need to be replaced with someone good. We've pretty much passed that option this year (at least for Mule), unless we find a desperate team at the deadline. Abby is more expendable, but lower value. Mursak or any of our 3rd/4th line prospects are all expendable. Hudler of course, but he's at a low value point so not a good option right now. Kindl is probably the best option; decent prospect value but replaceable. Smith would be ok, but only if we're getting a sure thing (like Yandle) in return. Picks would have to be the primary piece.

I don't have much hope that we can do anything right now. Yandle is probably beyond our range. I think our best hope is the trade deadline, or next summer.

I think we're done this summer. Kenny's already said it wasn't what he was hoping for, and if he had it to do over again he would probably give up a pick to talk to Wis or Ehrhoff, but what's done (or in this case: not) is done. Can't win 'em all. Just have to hope next year goes better.

#2190260 Babcock "pissed off" about Burns-to-SJ

Posted by Buppy on 27 June 2011 - 02:20 AM

funny really... Thats all that anyone saw.....most of that was about picks and being an agressive GM and that is all anyone saw.

Burns (in my opinion) was just the final shoe to drop that got Babs angry.. seeing Carter to CLB for rights to a RFA and a 1st and 3rd being a trade we could of made as well.

My focus was on making the team better.....via trade...as it has been said we would do. I realize the season has not started yet....and Its a long season once it starts...
And I guess San Jose doesnt covet their young talent like the Wings do. I am with Babs I am upset we didnt get him... dont ask me who to trade....I never once dropped names like some of you did. your asking me when your all telling me " I am a idiot..." and A furious fan because we didnt get a good player for nothing... Whatever folks...

I also realize that FA starts on Friday. and we have money.... should get a lot of guys. But the question is...... Will we? I reserve the rights to have doubts... But Ill wait till after the holiday weekend.

Being upset that we didn't get Burns (or anyone else), and even more upset that SJ did is one thing. Blaming it on Kenny as if he had complete control of the situation, especially when you have no idea what Kenny did or didn't do, is another. You seem to be under the assumption that we can do whatever we want.

Honestly, you just sound bored. Like you want something to happen just for sake of something happening. Being aggressive doesn't make a team better; being right does. Philly's always been pretty aggressive...where's it gotten them? You can't make moves just to be doing something, and you can't make bad moves just because it seems like a good idea now. Even if Kenny made all the moves you want, it doesn't guarantee a Cup. And if we don't win the Cup, criticizing the moves as failures like people did with Hossa. Even in the best case scenario, we win the Cup, it doesn't end there. Kenny would just have to do it all over again next year. It's like for some people he has to be perfect in order to be considered adequate.

If you look at the deals that were actually made, we would have had to sell the farm to match them. We don't have a young goal scorer on the roster, or a prospect as highly rated as Coyle. We don't have a 21 year-old 50-point scorer, or one of the highest rated prospects (top rated by HF). The #8 overall was worth more than all our picks this year put together. The only way for us to match those deals would be to add more prospects and picks. Some teams wouldn't even want that. Trades aren't like buying something at a store where you offer up the right sum value and the other team automatically accepts. The actual currency matters; some teams would rather have a couple shiny quarters than handful of nickels.

Even if they would, we still have to consider whether it's the right move for us long-term. We're heading into a transition period. Nick, Pav, Hank, Mule, Bert, Homer, Stuart, Kronwall...all either aging or on expiring contracts. Trades could fill a couple holes, but not all of them. Free agency can help too. But you can't build a team that way. We give up all our prospects to fill a couple holes with stars and star salaries, we're left with no way to fill the other holes. In the cap era, you need good, cheap, prospects to round out your team. San Jose has Couture, so Setoguchi became expendable. They're tighter to the cap, so they have fewer options, so for them it makes sense to risk the future to better their odds for a Cup now.

We, on the other hand, could potentially sign three of the top defenseman available. For us, giving up prospects for him makes much less sense. With Carter or Richards we'd have another long-term contract to worry about, maybe a risk we don't want even it if we could have gotten one of them.

We were good enough to compete for the Cup last year, as we have been every single year Holland has been GM. We really only have one hole at the moment, and a lot of cap room to fill that and try to get better...without giving up what few future assets we have.

Trades are fun to talk about and there's some I'd make if I could. But you can't get pissed about something you know nothing about. Speculate all you like, but you don't actually know if any given trade would be accepted. No matter how good it seems to you, unless you've spoken with the GM on the other side you can't say it's possible with the certainty you need in order to justify criticizng Kenny. At least have the respect to save your criticism until you see an offer he turned down or he makes a move you don't like.

#2189652 Babcock "pissed off" about Burns-to-SJ

Posted by Buppy on 25 June 2011 - 12:13 PM

One, the article doesn't say Babs is pissed at Kenny.

You're all just assuming Kenny didn't make an offer, as if the hockey world revolves around us and every team looking to deal has to come to us for permission. For all we know Kenny did make an offer and was turned down, or Minny really liked SJs offer and Kenny never had a chance.

I'm also disappointed that we didn't get Burns. I'm surprised the price was that low, and believe we could have offered something comparable. But I'm not going to get pissed at someone who's done so much for this team even if it comes out that he wasn't interested in Burns.

There are reasons why Burns wouldn't be as attractive to us as he was to SJ.

The Sharks also needed a top 4 defenseman. They don't have the cap space we do so their FA prospects aren't as good. Burns gives them a stud at a cheap price. They have the rest of their top 4 signed beyond this year; we already have 3 top 4 defenseman in their last year. Setoguchi was their 7th best forward; if we had to give up Flip or Franzen it'd be our 3rd/4th best, and our top 6 was already weaker than SJ's.

If I hear that Minny asked us for Hudler and Emmerton and we turned it down, I'd be pissed. But if it would have been Flip and Nyquist, even though I'd still do it, I could at least understand. Burns is better than any FA this year, but he's not a Norris candidate.