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#2130354 No offensive creativity

Posted by Buppy on 14 March 2011 - 08:11 PM

Agreed. The talent is definitely there. It's almost as if we expect to score 3+ goals night in and night out without any effort at all. Sometimes it is as simple as chipping the puck in deep, wearing down the opposition's defensemen on the forecheck, and crashing the net. Abdelkader needs to step up and play the way we brought him up to. Stir it up, and go to the areas not many others on the team are willing to go. Back to basics.

This argument would carry a lot more weight if we weren't the top scoring team in the league, still 3rd best record overall despite 3 1/2 months mostly lacking in effort. I mean it's hard to criticize guys for 'expecting 3+ goals a night without any effort' when that is what they are getting.

'Dump and don't chase' never works, but unfortunately 'turn on the skill for 10% of the game and coast the rest' works far too well for our own good. Maybe we'd be a better team if we lost more, ironically enough.

I don't think lack of creativity or lack of grit is the problem, though more of either would help. Mostly the guys aren't moving well off the puck. You can't be creative when everyone is standing around watching instead of trying to get open. You can't win battles if guys aren't moving in to good support positions. That stuff just isn't happening enough right now. Too much 'let Pav and Helmer (or whoever is hot at the time) do it' mentality. For good or bad, it's worked pretty well so far. It won't work in the playoffs of course, but we just have to hope they turn the switch by then.

#2123131 Seabrook extended for 5 years at $5.8 million per year

Posted by Buppy on 27 February 2011 - 05:25 PM

For the Blackhawks, its overpayment. They already dismantled half their team because of the big contracts that have with Toews, Kane, Keith, Campbell and Hossa. Now add Seabrook to that list. The Hawks clearly don't realize that the reason they won the Cup last year was because they had depth.

Campbell is the bad contract there.

With the raise, Chicago is paying around $275k more for Toews, Kane, Hossa, Keith, and Seabrook than we are for Pav, Hank, Mule, Nick, and Rafi. Both have two long-term deals. With the exception of Hossa, those guys are young and still improving.

The cap is expected to go up, perhaps by a significant amount, and the $4M bonus overage they're paying this year goes away. Even if they can't get rid of Campbell, they are not really bad off. $10M + whatever cap raise to sign 10-12 players, mostly bottom line players who should cost under $1M. If they could somehow dump Campbell, they'd actually be in pretty good shape.

#2123088 Seabrook extended for 5 years at $5.8 million per year

Posted by Buppy on 27 February 2011 - 02:32 PM


Big, young, RH, shutdown defenseman. Plays in all situations. Hits. Blocks shots. Has performed well in the playoffs. Should still be improving.

I wouldn't call it a bargain, but it's not overpayment either.

#2122919 Jiri Hudler Watch Thread

Posted by Buppy on 26 February 2011 - 11:55 PM

No. And there is a thread about this in the rumor mill, where it belongs.

Excuse me for interrupting your Hudler handjob. I'll wait until he goes cold again and you go back into hiding before I mention him again.

#2115441 Separated at Birth?

Posted by Buppy on 12 February 2011 - 02:56 PM

Was watching the Wings - Bruins game last night and it suddenly occurred to me that the Bruins coach looked very much like these other NHL coaches:

Yep. Little known fact: All fat, bald, white guys are related.

#2113982 Trade Deadline and You are GM.

Posted by Buppy on 09 February 2011 - 10:35 PM

Meszaros may not have been as physical as Stuart 3-4 years ago. Does that really make a difference to NOW? Stuart has been getting less physical over the past few years, and his defense has declined considerably since 2008.

Stuart had over 200 hits last year. His highest total since the lockout (possibly a career high, NHL.com doesn't have pre-lockout hits). He was pretty close to that pace again this year. He still is more physical than Mesz, or certainly on a similar level.

He has been rock solid for most of the past two seasons defensively. Easily 2nd best on the team. For many games both last year and this, he was arguably even better than Nick. Like most people, you probably just fixate on the mistakes. Watch any player close enough, looking for flaws, and you will find them.

#2113226 Trade Deadline and You are GM.

Posted by Buppy on 08 February 2011 - 10:12 PM

You realize Meszaros is better defensively and more physical than Stuart, while being six years younger? Furthermore, Stuart is signed through next season, while Meszaros has two seasons more on top of that.


I didn't say it had to be a Tatar or Pulkkinen; but Philly won't just give up Mesz for Stuart.

Trading for a quality mid-20s shutdown defenseman isn't free.

I wouldn't say Mesz is either better defenseively or more physical. In a similar amout of games since the lockout, Stuart has around 200 more hits. Both are solid 2nd pair guys who can fill in on a top pair when required. Mesz is no more a shutdown defender than Stuart. He is younger, but I'm not building the defense around either so I don't care.

Regardless, even if I did think Mesz was better, he is certainly no where near enough of an improvement to include a 2nd rounder and a prospect. You even point out that our defense isn't physical enough and then propose trading our most physical defender for someone who hits less, and you throw in a pick that could easily garner a big, physical defender 6 years younger than Meszaros if we decided to go that way. Or, if we decided to trade the pick and maybe a low pick or prospect, we could get another defenseman of similar quality. (As proven by the trades involving the very players we're talking about.) Your proposal was a gross overpayment.

... but Stuart needs to shape up because he has not looked good. ...

I don't think you know what 'good' looks like. Stuart isn't an all-star, but neither is Meszaros. You trade Stu AND a 2nd AND a prospect with even a hint of NHL potential you better get an all-star in return or you're getting robbed.

#2112849 Trade Deadline and You are GM.

Posted by Buppy on 07 February 2011 - 11:07 PM

My solution as a fantasy GM:

Trade Stuart, a prospect forward, and a 2nd rounder to Philly for Meszaros.


You know this isn't the NBA and 2nd round picks are actually worth something in the NHL right?

Stuart for Mesz is a lateral move at best, so you're basically throwing away a prospect and a high pick while also adding $250k in salary.

#2105190 If Lidstrom retires....

Posted by Buppy on 25 January 2011 - 10:11 PM

Nick just needs to hang on one more year.

By then Robo-clone Lidstrom will be complete, and he'll have laser-skates. Probably a hyper-quantum plasma stick too. Pre-programed with a cap-friendly atomic contract. Kenny is working on getting rules allowing laser-skate equipped Robo-clones with hyper-quantum plasma sticks into the next CBA. Shanny and Stevie are his allies so we're optimistic.

2014 will bring us 3-headed-Mechahudler and possibly Laserface-GhostOzzie to dominate the annual Moon Classic. Future Hockey is awesome.

#2105144 Wings Have To Toughen Up Soon

Posted by Buppy on 25 January 2011 - 09:17 PM

Something to note in regards to the 'replace Miller with a fighter' sentiment that's so popular around here. When this team is healthy, Miller is in the pressbox. No one helps the team from that position, so to me it seems pretty pointless to worry so much about the bottom of the bench.

Guys like Miller and Mursak are great bench players. Cheap and capable of contributing in a lot of different situations or roles, even if not at a very high level; but at the same time, you're not really missing anything when they're not in the lineup.

Makes more sense to me to either aim higher and replace someone like Hudler or Flip with someone like Ott, Clutterbuck, Ruutu, Brown, Boyle or even Neil looked decent when Ottawa was good. Granted some may have bad contracts and or be too hard to get, but the principle remains. Or alternately, and probably better, replace someone like Bert, Modano, or even Hudler with someone like Konopka and use the money savings to upgrade someone else to compensate. Bottom pair defensemen also make a good spot to insert these types of guys.

#2104695 Wings Have To Toughen Up Soon

Posted by Buppy on 25 January 2011 - 01:14 AM

This isn't about "Enforcers". You can never have enough guys that can play a regular shift and drop the gloves on your team.

It's always about enforcers. Same 'debate' as always. I put debate in quotes there because you can't really call it a debate when no one really disagrees on any of the salient points.

No one wants a one-dimensional goon. Everyone agrees a guy who can play and fight would be nice to have. We all know it isn't an absolute necessity, but we all admit it wouldn't hurt. What are we actually debating?

The only reason it's ever discussed at all is because most of us over-invest ourselves in our team, to the point of trying to live vicariously through the team. So when someone on the team looks like a punk, the fan feels like a punk. Or from another direction, the 'softness' of the team gets pointed out, the fan feels soft. It's all the same thing, just slightly different buttons that trigger our insecurities, and a different balance of aggressive/defensive coping responses.

There's your daily psycho-analysis. Reflect.

#2102996 NHL picks All-star alternate captains

Posted by Buppy on 22 January 2011 - 02:04 PM

"It's pretty cool honor to have," Kane told Chris Kuc of the Chicago Tribune. "A lot of pressure comes with it with the players to pick. [Teammates Patrick] Sharp and [Jonathan] Toews have already been talking to me a little bit, I haven't heard much from Duncan [Keith] -- I don't think he has much to worry about. Sharp and Toews have been saying if I pick one before the other the other is going to be ticked. It's a tough situation."

So he thinks he gets to pick the team now?

#2102324 Cool NHL player names

Posted by Buppy on 21 January 2011 - 09:36 PM

I've always liked the Finnish names, especially first names; Jarkko, Teemu, Mikko, Jussi...they sound like Disney animals. Soft and fluffy, but also heroic and funny. Plus, I've always thought U was an underused vowel, and the Fins really seem to appreciate it.

#2099145 "The Red Wing"

Posted by Buppy on 17 January 2011 - 11:11 PM

Like the rest of the guardians...stupid.

I like the GP concept, but for something supposedly several months in development with allegedly professional comic writers involved, it's been disappointing. The whole thing seems like some college art student spent the whole semester partying, and had to cram the whole project into one weekend.

#2094566 Norris turning into "best offensive defenseman"?

Posted by Buppy on 09 January 2011 - 12:12 PM

Buffy will probably get nominated, but he'll need a lot more than a 2 point edge to beat out Nick.

But yeah, pretty much since Orr, the Norris tends to go to great two-way defensemen. Kind of like the Selke goes to great two-way forwards. I really doubt Nick would have 6 if he wasn't so good offensively. Coffey probably wouldn't have any.

But remember it is 'best defenseman', not 'best defender'. Looking at the overall efficacy of the player, it's hard to argue that Buffy hasn't been one of the most effective defensemen this year. Same with Green the last two years.