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    Crosby's 2012 Season now in Question

    I strongly disagree. He's the star of the moment for the NHL marketing team. His position has been filled by many before and unfortunately many more after. So many other players in the NHL deserving of even half the publicity this guy gets.
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    Fighting one another fosters "team toughness"
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    I hope Bert wins this one to be honest. He paid the $2 Million to the family and it is time to move on. I hope this one gets laughed out of court.
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    Nathan MacKinnon

    Only until he retires.
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    I think the fact that he thinks he would have made 40mil in the NHL is proof enough that he has massive brain damage, lol.
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    Moore turned down NHL offers the following season following the incident. It's clear what Moore is trying to do and has been trying to do. In Bert we trust!
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    Naslund should sue Moore, lindros should sue Stevens, savard should sue Cooke, etc. Any time any hockey player has a serious injury, he should be able to sue the player who injured him. You should never be held responsible for your own choices and actions in life if your a victim**
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    hey steve moore...:violin: he didnt mean to break your neck, your neck prob wouldnt have broken is 3 of your teammates didnt jump on top of you, and youre playing one of the roughest sports known to man. go get a coaching job somewhere like this champ.
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    Feel sorry for Todd, he's apologised, he obviously feels terrible about what happened, and he’s paid Moore compensation. We all make mistakes in life, this was a major one by Todd, but surely he should be allowed to move on?
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    Can we assume all the FS PLUS games will be moved to FSD when there is no NBA season?
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    even if you're not fat, i'd rather be fat than an *******.
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    Crosby's 2012 Season now in Question

    Of course no one wants to see a talented player injured, I think the point he was trying to make was that Crosby himself is not the reason the sport is great. Hockey is awesome and Crosby just happens to be one individual in a long line of people who have been born with a natural gift for playing the sport. Crosby does not make the NHL, the NHL simply gives people like Crosby a place to showcase the skills they have. P.S. 100th post
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    Exactly. The sport doesn't "need" Crosby and the sport isn't "better" when he's playing. This is the crux of the problem. Crosby is 1 player. Certainly one of the more talented players, but the league is over-marketing him to the extreme. They need to market some of their other stars like Ovechkin, Datsyuk, the Sedins, etc. But that is never going to happen because they are not Canadian.
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    I'm happy the 'other side' is getting a voice here, as unpopular or non-PC as it may be. Doan could be viewed as a sadistic neanderthal with those comments, but he is simply a realist. Hockey is about the furthest thing away from a 'safe sport' as you can get without involving sharks, parachutes or underwater caves. Go overboard with taking away the speed, intensity and inherent danger of hockey and it is simply not going to be as entertaining to the masses and these players are not going to make nearly as much money doing it as they are now. Ultimately, hockey as a profession (just like any major sport), is about entertainment as much as it is about sportsmanship.
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    ^ Sign him Kenny!!!! esteef
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    Crosby's 2012 Season now in Question

    http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/news;_ylt=AkmeYi2xwPb1mwLEODTYYZx7vLYF?slug=nc-cotsonika_shane_doan_head_shots_090911 Doan apparently disagrees with Crosby's call to ban headshots “If you want to be safe, then don’t play,” Doan said Friday during the NHL’s player media tour. “Realistically, if you don’t want to get hit and you don’t want to get hurt, then don’t play. If you go out on the ice, you’re going to get hit. If you want to play shinny, then go play shinny. It’s not the same. “And that’s not trying to be cavalier or trying to be light about the subject, because nobody wants anybody to get hurt. But the game isn’t supposed to be safe. It’s supposed to be an intense, emotional game.”
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    Babs sets defense pairings for camp

    I think some folks are being too sensitive about Babcock's "projected" defense parings. They haven't even trained together to see how they look with the new guys for crying out loud.
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    Pretty much spot on. I dislike Crosby like pretty much everybody else in here but this is beyond stupid what I am seeing in here, like Crosby could've predicted that this tragedy could have happened on the same day of this scheduled conference and that Crosby is going to act all self-righteous saying look at me I'm cool and not talking about the tragic deaths. All this goes to show is how people's pettiness towards him in here is just absurdly off the deep end. 1. Crosby had no clue this would also happen on the same day. 2. While the wait one day to have this conference in consideration like some suggested is nice and theory and I can roll with this thought, this press conference was going to go on as scheduled unless something unforseen happened wherever Crosby or this press conference was. I don't see the big deal or how overly inconsiderate this is. 3. If they wanted to have a press conference, let them have one for f**k sake, Sidney Crosby/"famous person we like"/"famous person we don't like" or not. Given that Crosby is one of the main faces of the Pitt franchise whether we like it or not or whether we think that is fair or not, he is just that and given that he's been out for a long while, an update such as this doesn't hurt anybody. This is not the NYC Macy's Day Thanksgiving parade we are talking about here. 4. As much I think Crosby is a fuzznut, he's not stupid enough to be all LOOK AT ME and not for one minute not recognize the tragedy going on in Russia. The tragedy in Russia and the Crosby bit are two completely separate things, one all about the tragedy and one all about Crosby/Pitt. Let them be that way. I have little doubt that Pitt and Crosby realize the tragedies and gave them their fair respects. That's not what their conference was about though, and people in here need to quit making it out like it needed to be a huge part of their conference (or a part of it more than necessary). Happy now?
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    At least im not fat, and f*** you. At least im not fat, and f*** you.
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    He called out Cooke for his head shots. Hockey needs Crosby back just as much as Crosby needs hockey back. The game, as a whole, is much better when he is playing. All this misinformed and petty hate for the guy is comical and sad. Do I like the guy? No. Do I think he is good for hockey? Yes.
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    I hope Kindl is 85ft wide or he'll have a tough time covering for the big pylon.
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    McCarty's new job

    What an ass. First he crawls in bed with f***in Laphew and now this. That program is so effin redneck MacAss should fit right in.........