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    Tonight's Stream-Opposition GDT Official Game Preview Last DET-CAR Matchup Next Game vs.
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    Ken Holland Interview

    Little Caesars Arena Arena™
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    Ken Holland Interview

    How about an arena with "Hockeytown" in the name?
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    Lidstrom still out

    You don't think Zetterberg can handle being captain? How can you possibly say something like this... you sir, have lost your mind.
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    Which team would piss you off the most if they won the cup this year? I'm not 100% sure which one team would piss me off the most. Right now for me I'd say it's among the rather obvious handful of teams: Vancouver, Boston, Pittsburgh, Chicago, San Jose and maybe St. Louis; with Vancouver as the current frontrunner by default.
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    Vancouver and it's not even close. The worst possible outcome is a VAN-PIT finals.
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    Members photos

    Not gonna subject you guys to my ugly mug this time. Just my right arm.
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    Haha, thats great! You should work as a spin doctor for the politicians! I like how you tried to spin that around and put it on us. Calling Detroit fans butthurt, when in actuality it is exactly the opposite, hence the reason that in Chicago they chant "Detroit sucks" at not only hockey games, but other events now as well. Chicago "fans" define butthurt. Not to mention, I have not seen all this "butthurt" by Detroit fans that you describe. Unless you consider pointing out how retarded it is, and how butthurt it makes THEM look, to chant "Detroit sucks" at games that have nothing to do with Detroit and events that have nothing to do with hockey. I also think the "respect" angle is cute too. Thats like me saying you are a retarded c*** or something, and then trying to say "oh, I meant that as a sign of respect" LOL
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    Do the Pens Have the Cup Locked Up?

    Somebody seriously negged my original post? Anyway, the reason I love hockey is that anything goes in the playoffs. It just seems too storybook, and we all know Crosby gets special treatment (Just like all league favorites do in every sport). Shoot, he'll probably get injured in the first round and then come back the final game and score the game winner, that's just how his career goes. It's not that I doubt the Wings, the Crosby-fest the past few years have just made me cynical when it comes to the Pens, I guess. I do feel like once the playoffs start the Wings have a good chance at wiping the slate clean and making a deep run. If the team is healthy.
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    As much as I would hate to see the Pens win it, nothing would annoy me more than to see the Canucks hoist the cup.
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    Pavel Datsyuk Playoff Commerical

    It being about Datsyuk is what salvages this commercial. That man should be highlighted in all NHL marketing, I know a few non-hockey people who have started watching because they've seen clips of him on Youtube. They should really focus on 5 or 6 players and run commercials highlighting their special talents (dangling, hitting, goaltending, grinding) to showcase the best parts of the game and get people to start name-associating.
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    Whom is going to take a trade for a player that has known horrible medical history with his knee? I mean, the dude can barely get up stairs some days... I just don't see us shipping or someone taking that contract off of our hands. Hudler MAY be traded, depends on the potential seen by the front office and if they're content with his stay. I feel like homer would have a giant impact on Lidstroms return. And honestly, I don't care how much people talk s*** about homer, that boy busts his balls each and every night. The best image last night was straight off the face off homer just charging the crease not giving nay f*** was in his way. The boys a demolition man, and called rightfully so. You don't know how much you miss something until its gone, and how much heart and dedication that man puts in night after night... you'll miss something like that.
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    Doc Holliday


    Gretzky and Lemieux are two of the top 3 players of all time. Yzerman isn't even top 10. There is a reason for that. He never had the offensive skills in any point in his career that Lemieux and Gretz had in their primes. That isn't even arguable. Lidstrom was a -2 and won the Norris. Next. Also, if you don't want a snarky answer, don't act like just by watching Crosby a few times you know for a fact how often he plays in a certain situation. The NHL website has all that information right there. Everyone knows that the Selke is a primarily reputation based award. The fact that Datsyuk has won it over players (Zetterberg included) who over the past few years have had greater defensive responsibilities (PK time is a huge reason why him winning 3 in a row is suspect to me) and defensive performance makes me wonder why people decide to use it as an indicator of who is truly the best defensive forward.
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    I really loved him in the movie White Christmas. My family watches it every year during the holidays. It's a tradition. I will say, as much as I love the song White Christmas, Christmas in Killarney is a lot of fun.
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    As long as St Louis remains virgins for years to come I'll be happy. Even if it means the Pens have to beat them every year
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    Ken Holland Interview

    Amway Arena
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    Frank the Tank


    Wait did I just read that Yzerman is as good as Gretzky/Lemieux? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA --deep breath-- BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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    Finnish Wing

    Radulov Returns

    Same thing with Quincey when he was acquired at the deadline then? I bet there's a lot of angry players in the Detroit locker room.
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    All reasonable Hawks fans respect the Red Wings. The fact that you guys get so butthurt about a retarded Detroit Sucks chant just shows that it gets under your skin exactly as planned. You know why Chicago chants Detroit Sucks? Because the Wings kicked our asses for decades. It's a sign of respect whether you realize it or not.
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    Columbus. Parity shmarity. If you don't win during the regular season, you shouldn't get to win the Cup. Seriously, I don't want to witness the salivating that would happen if the Penis won it. I really don't want to see anyone other than the Wings, but that kind of goes without saying, huh?
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    I don't think attendance pre playoff vs playoff is really the best way to determine if someone is a bandwagon fan. Especially with Florida teams. That state is bad with attendance in all sports just because there is so much other stuff to do. Some people just cant afford to go to very many games. For us an hour drive both ways, parking, ticket cost, food/drink, is hard to fit into the budget for one nights entertainment. Now for playoffs though we've been saving since the new year so we can go to a couple playoff games without worry of budget restraints. We choose the playoff games because they are more important. A team in the playoffs will always have higher attendance no just because its full of bandwagoners but because those true fans that have to be selective in what games they can attend will always pick playoffs. The rest of the season both me and my girlfriend (a lifelong Ranger fan that I converted to die hard wings fan) are watching every game on the couch and I would never consider us bandwagoner just because we can only make a game or two a year. As for the original post. I dont think Chicago is as bad as people perceive it to be. Sure there are assholes but thats the same with every organization. Ive been to a game in Chicago. Wore my Wings garb and didnt have any issues. Sure some guys yell stuff but if that bothers you then you need thicker skin. I even had a guy knock my drink over as he walked down the stairs. Now he easily could have been a dick and said screw that wings fan (especially with him being a good bit drunk) but he was instantly apologetic and came back not only with a replacement drink for me but one for my girl as well. I didnt feel one bit unsafe the whole time. Ive gone to a US-Mexico World Cup qualifying game in Mexico City before. Chicago fans are choir boys compared to that.
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    Agree, long list but Pitts has to be on top of it for as long as that prick is playing.
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    Well that just won't happen. They have our number.
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    Lidstrom still out

    Really? And who do you have in mind to take over as Captain? Must be someone the Wings havene't acquired yet. Hand out a few more lifetime contracts and then what? NOBODY wants to play tough and go to the hard areas of the ******* ice to score. This pile of injuries has shown with Zetterberg and Lazyassed Franzen exactly what happens when players get comfy with their retirement package.
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    Alpo Suhonen, hired by Mike Smith. I think because he produced wonderful French plays. Sucked as a coach tho. Listen if you guys really can't understand why "Detroit Sucks!" is a complement than you must be a little concussed. I've seen the Hulls and Mikita play Howe at the old Stadium. I've a Hawks fan a LONG time. I've seen Detroit really did suck. Back when you couldn't get anybody to go to a game in Detroit. The same as it got in Chicago at the end of Dollar Bill Wirtz's mismanagement.Its just that the bandwagoners in Detroit have been around a little longer than the ones in Chicago. Only because Detroit's recent success has been going on for 10 yrs longer than the Hawks most recent success. I understood Packer fans chanting "The Bears still suck" even when the Bears kicking their butts. I really can't understand how Wing's fans don't get it.