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    *holds up syringe* "I brought you a *pffffftt* present..."
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    Once again Dickie: You are talking worst case scenario. I'm sorry if I put into your head that Z and Kronwall are GOING TO BE DONE in the next year or two. I get what you are saying and it's not that the points you are trying to make are without validity, but the doom and gloom just overshadows the points you make. Sure, it might be a problem that Zetterberg, Kronwall, and Franzen being on LITR at the same time is an issue for us... and that's a HUGE MIGHT. Kronwall has THREE YEARS. Franzen a whopping FOUR. If needed, Holland may be able to trade one of those contracts in the future if necessary... or one may just straight up retire. Which would hurt us on the cap-recapture penalty, but it might be something that has to be done. Players get bought out, and the buyout process can sometimes be costly, but if managed they're not the end all and be all of the teams cap. I'll dredge up the cap-recapture penalty vs. buyout info I've got saved somewhere if someone wants to see it, but the possibility of Z, Kronner, and Franzen all being on LITR or retiring without finishing their contracts at the same time are the least of our immediate cap woes and certainly not unmanageable in the near future. Also, when is the CBA up? NHL and NHLPA options in 2019? For all we know cap-recapture penalties might go away... or buyouts of contracts before a certain year might have new rules... etc.
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    /\ he looks like he smells a fart
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    It's definitely Kozlov. The sloppy swoopy thing that eventually becomes a 13 seals it.
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    So it could be Slava Kozlov's? It has some similarities but also some clear differences, I guess the thing could be where she got it from, maybe it was signed in a rush, like if met at a public place, rather than an item signed for an auction or an special event. where they could take more time to sign it properly. Either way it's pretty cool
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    FWIW: Certainly not a perfect fit, but there are some similarities.
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    Um, yeah? https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-ansar-khan-yyfy4 And a damn good one at that!
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    ...Slava Kozlov? http://autographsforsale.com/slava-kozlov-autographed-red-wings-puck.html
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    Yeah, it was a long process that involved cutting and burning some of my hair and beard while lying naked on a table. Which was odd, considering Thoros of Myr was able to bring back Berric Dondarion by just speaking the words....(on an unrealated note, we really need a 'shoulder shrug' emoticon) Anyway, My Watch Has Ended
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    Save Larkin for real season.
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    What will you say if larkin becomes a legit 1c and in 2-3 years were a legit contender while still holding on to the "meaningless" streak? I'd be happy with 5 more years of sub-par hockey just to take away Boston's record TBH
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    Jimmy Howard To Miss Start Of Season Due To Severe Burn