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  1. GMRwings1983

    10/20 Nutmeg Peach GDT - Red Wings @ Panthers - 7:00 PM ET

    That was below average goaltending.
  2. GMRwings1983

    10/20 Nutmeg Peach GDT - Red Wings @ Panthers - 7:00 PM ET

    Howard looking like he does for me in NHL 19.
  3. Reminds me of Moe Greene's speech in the Godfather Part I. Someone should retire this old fossil.
  4. GMRwings1983

    Kari Lehtonen

    Well, this team doesn't have any pressure games anymore, so that shouldn't matter, right?
  5. GMRwings1983


    Shanny is a better fighter as he would sometimes go with enforcers, especially earlier in his career. Benn is a better player, though. He once led the league in scoring and after Ovechkin, you could argue he's the best player at his position in the league.
  6. GMRwings1983

    Red Wings will Officially Retire Red Kelly's #4

    Norm Ullman. He never won the Cup, and didn't play his entire career in Detroit, but 13 seasons of being a great player is a solid accomplishment. I'd put him there. Someone mentioned Pronovost earlier. That's not a bad one, though I admittedly never thought of that one much. Larry Aurie is a sad case. Honestly, the Wings don't seem to honor anybody before the 1950s, though they had other good players during that time like Syd Howe and Ebbie Goodfellow. Teams like Boston or Montreal do a better job of honoring the early days of the original six. Of course, then you have a team like the Rangers, which until lately ignored anything that happened before 1994.
  7. GMRwings1983

    Red Wings will Officially Retire Red Kelly's #4

    There is no perfect system of course. If ranking players from different eras, I think you have to compare them to their peers. We agree that Harvey was the best defenseman of his era and dominated the original 6. Kelly is right behind him for that era. Let's make it more complicated and bring in an Eddie Shore who played several decades before Harvey or Kelly. He dominated his era and won 4 Hart trophies. To me, he's the hardest to rank because the position was even more different in those days. Based on their career accomplishments and their dominance of their era, I have no problem ranking all three of those players in my top 10 defensemen list. Bobby Orr was on the cusp of the end of the original 6 era. I never saw him play a single shift. However, his numbers for that era (or any era) were absurd. That's why even people who never saw him play rank him number one. The guy changed the sport and nobody has caught him since. There are some good defensemen today, but I've never heard anyone call them top 10 or top 15 players. Maybe it's because they don't really dominate the league relative to what their peers are doing. Since Lidstrom retired, the Norris trophy has been passed around a lot. Karlsson may be the exception to this because of how much he can score, but he's suspect in his own zone. Coffey is an interesting case. Offensively he's right behind Orr, but he played in the highest scoring era for the highest scoring team, and wasn't much of a defenseman in his own zone. I can't rank him above the guys I mentioned earlier. Nobody else seems to either. Coffey's best peer would be Bourque, who also scored a ton of points, but was much better in his own zone, won more Norris trophies and had something like 19 All NHL appearances. While he wasn't surrounded with bums in Boston, he still didn't have the supporting cast of some of these other greats. I'd rank him above Kelly and Harvey, but I'm in the minority on the latter. If you're looking for a magic formula, there isn't one. I look at dominance for the era, All-NHL appearances, stats, and how well rounded they were. Kelly I have in the top 10 for that reason.
  8. GMRwings1983

    Red Wings will Officially Retire Red Kelly's #4

    That depends on what era you grew up in. I grew up watching 90's hockey, so I'd take that over anything. I'd say the early 1990's are the pinnacle of the NHL's greatness. Nancy Boi Hockey is definitely last, though.
  9. GMRwings1983

    Red Wings will Officially Retire Red Kelly's #4

    So you believe all original 6 players cannot be ranked compared to modern players, or just defensemen? What about Gordie Howe or Jean Beliveau? What is your phantom cutoff point for the modern era? To me comparing Kelly to players from the 80's is no different than comparing players from the 1980's to players today. It's not like there's just a pre-original 6 era and then everything after that is modern.
  10. GMRwings1983

    Red Wings will Officially Retire Red Kelly's #4

    LOL. That would be an awkward retirement ceremony don't you think?
  11. GMRwings1983

    10/15 BUCKWILD GDT - Red Wings @ Canadiens - 7:30 PM ET

    Hey, if I was 6'6 and my team was this bad, I'd be kicking ass every game. This kid is just a tall wimp from the looks of it. Those are called basketball players.
  12. GMRwings1983

    10/15 BUCKWILD GDT - Red Wings @ Canadiens - 7:30 PM ET

    Frk is like Mikael Samuelsson, except you exchange the wrist shot for the one-timer. Guy thinks he can shoot.
  13. GMRwings1983

    10/15 BUCKWILD GDT - Red Wings @ Canadiens - 7:30 PM ET

    Hey, he's still a better coach than that fat f**k Mike McCarthy.