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    I didn't start this line of thinking. As for Datsyuk, I said my peace on him above. Too old and unnecessary for us.

    If I'm Ottawa, Larkin would be involved at the very least. Athanasiou has 19 points in 33 games. I don't trade a generational talent like Karlsson for someone with those numbers. Our 1st round pick would be pretty high, but it's not like there's a Crosby or McDavid waiting to be picked in this draft.

    How do they feel about Jensen and Dekeyser as possible replacements for Karlsson?

    Why would Ottawa trade their franchise player, who happens to be a once in a generation type of defenseman?
  5. Cogliano's Consecutive Games Streak Ends


    Too old. No reason to tarnish his legacy by looking like a shell of his former self. Dominating the KHL doesn't mean much in the NHL. Not at his age in any case.
  7. Cogliano's Consecutive Games Streak Ends

    They were probably too scared not to suspend him, thinking they'd be accused of favoritism due to the streak. If I was Cogliano, I'd be furious and would turn myself into the next Raffi Torres as revenge.

    True. They should all protest somehow during the ASG.
  9. Calgary

    The only states that should be called Midwest (based on the map and something called common sense) are Utah, Colorado, and maybe Wyoming. No other state should receive that stupid title.
  10. Cogliano's Consecutive Games Streak Ends

    I know no one will agree with me, but the league should have given him a pass on this. Not like he Bertuzzied the guy. Hits like this go unpunished all the time in the league. Also, he has no history of suspensions or dirty hits.
  11. Cogliano's Consecutive Games Streak Ends I never thought I'd see someone break Doug Jarvis' record of consecutive games played. Looks like I was right. Cogliano was suspended two games by the league for what they deemed an "illegal hit". His streak was officially at stopped at 830 consecutive games played. Less than two seasons from catching Doug Jarvis. He never missed a game in his career prior to this suspension.
  12. 1/14 GDT - Red Wings @ Blackhawks - 12:30 PM EST (NBC)

    The defense has been pretty good as well. He hasn't been bombarded much at all in the game.
  13. 1/14 GDT - Red Wings @ Blackhawks - 12:30 PM EST (NBC)

    Right handed faceoff man? He's not going anywhere.
  14. 1/14 GDT - Red Wings @ Blackhawks - 12:30 PM EST (NBC)

    Not missing Abdelkader or Helm. They should keep sitting. It's unfortunate this team is saddled with their contracts. Bring back Gary Thorne and Bill Clement. No offense to Doc, but he doesn't have Thorne's great voice.
  15. 1/13 GDT - Red Wings @ Penguins - 1:00 PM EST

    Terrible defensive zone coverage. Three goals given up where the defense was sleeping.