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  1. Ovechkin to 1,000 Goals?

    How many players in NHL history have had 10 consecutive seasons of scoring 30 goals after the age of 32? I'll give you a hint. It's a nice round number.
  2. Has Blashill finally lost the team?

    I miss the excitement and tension I used to feel before Red Wings playoff games. The nerves and anticipation driving home from school or work, in thinking about the upcoming game. I almost forgot what that feels like. This team makes me feel uncomfortably numb.
  3. Ovechkin to 1,000 Goals?

    The problem he'll have is that players don't really score 40 or 50 goals into their mid to late 30's. There's hardly any precedent for it. I read somewhere yesterday (don't know if true), that if Ovechkin leads the league in goals this season, he'll be the oldest since Esposito in the mid 70's to do so. That's pretty impressive, but also shows how hard it is for players to be among the league leader in goals into their twilight years. Obviously, if he can score 40 goals the next five seasons in a row, he'll be really close to the record. If he has any more seasons like last year, he'll fall behind the pace.
  4. 3/8 GDT - Vegas @ Detroit - 7:30 PM EST - 10,000 posts for a Victory

    Those plays were OK back when he was scoring a gazillion points and playing for the Capitals. You can't teach an old dog new tricks.
  5. 3/8 GDT - Vegas @ Detroit - 7:30 PM EST - 10,000 posts for a Victory

    Too bad the owner of the team isn't paying attention and is probably jerking off to Tigers games at spring training.
  6. 3/6 GDT - Red Wings vs. Bruins @ 4:00 PST

    If the Wings would dress me for one game, I would stop him. By spearing him really hard in the adam's apple with the butt end of my stick.
  7. NHLPA Poll results

    Millenials think fat boy Brodeur was a better goalie than Hasek. Go figure. Also, whoever voted for Niedermayer as the best defenseman of all time should be immediately banned from the league. Please tell me these polls are not anonymous.
  8. 3/6 GDT - Red Wings vs. Bruins @ 4:00 PST

    Yeah, he did a fly by. Not something you want to see from a center who's supposed to be the next leader of the team.
  9. 3/6 GDT - Red Wings vs. Bruins @ 4:00 PST

    I hate that ugly, dirty, French bastard.
  10. 3/6 GDT - Red Wings vs. Bruins @ 4:00 PST

    The league has instructed refs to weed out players like Witkowski, because they make Gary Bettman's pecker feel really funny.
  11. 3/4 GDT - Red Wings at Wild 7:00 PM EST

    He may be the most average player in Wings history. Hard to believe he's been the goalie for over 8 seasons now. We don't need that pimply Swedish kid. We have DeKeyser.
  12. 3/4 GDT - Red Wings at Wild 7:00 PM EST

    Please send Witkowski out there to rough up Suter and Parise.
  13. 3/4 GDT - Red Wings at Wild 7:00 PM EST

    Jimmy Howard hasn't been very good in this game.
  14. 02/28 | Detroit Red Wings @ StLouis Blues | 8 PM ET

    Should have traded that imbecile Nyquist. Single-handedly screwed up that powerplay with his overconfidence with the puck.
  15. Next contracts for the young guns

    I'm looking forward to seeing Larkin with a full beard, leading us to a Cup in 10 years.