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  1. I'll be going to tomorrow's game and seeing all those empty seats in good places is giving me ideas.
  2. If you're going to play AA on the 4th line, you may as well put Ott in his place. AA is not a 4th line player.
  3. I just realized Saturday's game will be the third in four nights. Will be curious to see in person how much energy this team has.
  4. He wasn't talking about the Dodgers.
  5. Howard for President!
  6. Not a good performance, but we obviously needed a win. Howard won the game by himself.
  7. The King of nothing is to blame on that one. Had no business playing that puck.
  8. Drew Miller sticks it to LGW!
  9. Why not? Are we going to actually improve this defense with trades and acquisitions before the end of 2016?
  10. With our luck, Lombardi is probably watching the debate instead of Howard's performance.
  11. Is this team going to play this way on the road all season?
  12. Our players are such pylons that they can't help take penalties.
  13. Somewhere on page 3 or 4 of this thread.
  14. Howard, Miller and a 3rd for Doughty. Well, we need to showcase Howard for a trade. You have any better ideas to do that?
  15. As long as he doesn't break any fingernails.