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Stuart out 6-8 weeks with broken jaw

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Stuart is a HUGE loss on our blue line. :ranting:

A bit of hyperbole here. He's a loss on the blue line, but not a huge one, much less a HUGE one.

Stuart's play in the defensive end led directly to at least one goal against tonight, as his play has in a lot of games this season.

I'll miss him, but probably not nearly as much as a lot of you will.

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I remember JR suffering a broken jaw and he came back after a few games in the playoffs quite a few years ago (he was with the Yotes then). Since the Wings are only half way through their season, I highly doubt Stuart would be back on the ice for a while. Still a bad injury as Stue will probably be drinking through a straw for while and not be anywhere in game shape when he can come back.

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It's funny. Reading the game day thread on the Calgary boards, you wouldn't even know Kostopolous hit anyone let alone broke someone's jaw. They literally have said nothing about it.

Oh but one of them did.


Originally Posted by Infamous1

That was a pretty blatant headshot on Stuart. I think he'll be suspended.

I don't really think it was that bad. From the angle I saw in slow mo I thought he led with his shoulder and he happened to catch him in the jaw.

I won't argue if it's a suspension for a few games. TK's a fourth liner anyways and I'm sure Meyer is jawing (no pun intended) at the opportunity.

Maybe poetic justice for the dude to what he did to Iggy and then shying away a couple games ago against them.

A blindside shoulder that just happened to catch him in the jaw and break it wasn't that bad? I guess I shouldn't be surprised by that answer.

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