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Red Wings to Officially Retire #5 on March 6th

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Such an waste, I mean come on already. This management will do ANYthing to get people to come to a game. Seriously, what did he ever do to deserve this honor. It's not like he is Feds. Does anyone even remember him?

ps. It was only a matter of time really. Can't wait to be there:)

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Deserving would be an understatement, easily top 3 defenseman of all time, class act too bad the team didn't finish the job back in 2009. The perfect human deserved another back to back Stanley Cup.

4 Stanley Cups, 7 Norris Trophies, 12x All Star that's amazing.

Words alone can't describe how good that guy was. Swedish offensive defenders will be forever guided with the task of becoming the next Lidstrom. This guy will soon join his good friend Yzerman at the rafters. Will be a sad and great feeling for every Wingsfan.

One.more year one more year one more year

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They shouldn't put Lidstrom on the banner, they should put "Legend".

He deserves to be forever honored among the greats, i'll never forget him and it was such a thrill to have such a player spend his entire career on this team and remain a part of it's brilliant history. Thanks for everything Nick and welcome to this new page of history.

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