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Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

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The only way we were gonna improve this team was through trade ... These 3 signings just basically mean jurco pulkkinen are on the outs (probably waivers since we never get anything for our guys)

Mantha will probably start in Grand Rapids cause it's the wings way ... He'll use the "overripe" bulls*** excuse

Unless holland moves a nyquist say to get some defense, it's clear holland had to move out some pieces and some garbage we have (swear if he resigns Quincey)

Trade pieces


Nyquist Tatar

Ericsson Howard

Jurco pulkkinen

Ouellet smith

Mid level prospect(s)

Big prospect only if we get big return

Available players maybe

Brodin dumba

Trouba Barrie

Duchene landeskog

Ellis fowler

Not interested in shattenkirk with just one year left .... So let's help holland and make a few deals here since it's the only chance we have to compete within our division with everyone getting better

lol Toronto

Bob McKenzie ‏@TSNBobMcKenzie 1m1 minute ago

Matt Martin to TOR. Four years. $2.5M AAV.

That's it? I thought holland offered 12 million for 4 years??

Wtf everyone in our division has literally done something to improve ... This isn't gonna be a fun year

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At the time, they, and the rest of the hockey world, thought Stamkos was going to be available, which they clearly stated multiple times that they would make a hard push to sign him.

It didn't work out that way, the cap was still dumped and we were able to sign one of the top available Centers because of it. You can't expect them to predict the future and know that Stamkos would re-sign with Tampa. Regardless, dumping Datsyuk's cap wasn't a bad move with or without Stamkos.

Again, KH did not addressed issues which he has identified. That's why he has FAIL AGAIN.

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Either KH can't even sign 4th liners either we became unwanted destination.

I believe we are an unwanted destination. Most of the big names weren't considering Detroit, success is cyclical in sports, it's designed to be so.

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Kenny is convinced that the coaching changes are going to propel Nyquist and Tatar back to 30 goals.

Listen, I'm fine with Nielsen, but it's not enough. Helm should've never came anywhere near signing another contract here. There's just no room on this roster. I am begging that we sign Vanek now. But where does he play?

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Well it is depressing..year after, year after, year....

oh i know but season hasnt started and everyone just is s***ting everywhere i still think something big is coming i dont know why but i do

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This just got me to thinking (mark this down since it doesn't happen too often)...

With the Leafs signing Martin - exactly how much do they have left in cap space?

Anyone else think Holland should try to obtain someone like JVR?

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