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In Topic: A Perfect fit for the Bruins...Ville Leino?

Yesterday, 09:17 PM

Me thinks they just might have a few guys from Providence (AHL) that they could call up.


Then again - I hope they don't, and Lucic can fend for himself.


Or ya kno... they just don't role a typical enforcer... like 20 other teams

In Topic: 3 Training Camp Squads named

Yesterday, 09:05 PM


DeKeyser is much better defensively and moves the puck well too. Lashoff doesn't have the slightest ounce of offensive ability -- that's just pure hyperbole and doesn't take into account the massive difference in skill between Smith and Lashoff. 


Every time Smith and Quincey have played together, it has failed miserably as a pairing. Smith was the Wings best d-man during the Boston series and has the potential to contribute more offensively if the Wings allow him to do so, which would be wise since they got nothing from that standpoint a season ago. Restricting Smith to Quincey again isn't going to help Smith's development.


If you aren't a fan of DeKeyser with Smith, then put DeKeyser with E instead and let Smith go with Kronwall. 



My point is: Everyone is better with Kronwall, Kronwall is awesome.


People act like Smith could be become awesome, and if he would only play with Kronwall that would happen. But that's the thing, he's only good when he's playing with Kronwall.


Dekeyser is good. But so is Ericsson. You might as well pair Smith with Ericsson. Dekeyser is not a great puck mover by any means, he's decent and he has a good slap shot which is about it, he's a defensively minded player. Just like Ericsson.


Switching out Q and D is not going to suddenly make our D better, in fact it will probably just look the same.


Pushing an offensive minded guy like Smith with another guy with somehwat of an O mind only hurts ur second pairing IMO. Cause then your second pairing is Q-D-E ALL DEFENSIVE GUYS. No balance there.

In Topic: Regner: Next year could be Babcock's last

Yesterday, 08:53 PM

Babcock is smart, not dumb. As a smart man he knows what he's going to get from the Wings/Holland. That's a playoff chance each and every year. Some better than others. He likes his manager and the system that caters to him. By leaving he runs a huge risk. He walks into a system that may be hot now, but might not be hot tmrw or in 3 years. He might have to deal with big headed players he doesn't like. Big headed managers he doesn't like. Other problems unbeknownst to him.


The Wings offer a very stable system, where he knows he's gonna good young talent every year, even if the trade pipelines don't workout.


Doubt he leaves. That's a coaching paradise. Crosby may be good, But he has only one cup bc there has been a disaster of problems around him. If I'm babcock I don't want to handcuff myself to that system. I also want my legacy to be reconized because I was awesome. Not because Crosby and Malkin were, aka GlenSather

In Topic: 3 Training Camp Squads named

Yesterday, 08:35 PM

The Quincey/Smith pairing has never worked and Babs just keeps reverting back to it if that is the case again. Smith needs someone that allows him to jump into plays and be more active offensively. He played his best hockey by far with Kronwall as his partner last season. I don't care so much if the Wings leave Kronwall and E together, but at least play Smith with DeKeyser.


Quincey on the third pairing with whichever other mistake is necessary or ideally Marchenko/Ouellet instead. 


Q and D are both defensive Dmen. I highly doubt D is going to suddenly re-energize Smith's O game because of his slightly better defensive abilities.


Any D-man on this team would excel with Kronwall ad their partner. Smith is not some strange exception. Lashoff would suddenly look lightyears better with Nik.

In Topic: 2014-15 Grand Rapids Griffins

Yesterday, 08:01 PM

Have to admit, I think I underestimated Double A. I knew he had the speed, but he showed some real offense in the tournament. I can only speak from what I saw via the highlights, but it seems to me he's got some real good hand-eye, and an ability to protect the puck. With Alfredsson possibly out for the beginning of the season, I think we could see Jurco/Mantha take up a spot in Detroit. I'd tweak my original forwards line-up to something along the lines of...


(Pretty much the stand-out 1st line. Tons of offense.)





(This is a situation where I think you have a 2a, 2b situation. Either line could bring offense, and you could flip Tvrdon and AA. I just like the whole concept of the Czech line, and having someone responsible for being a net-front presence of each line. Question marks around Ferraro and Cally in terms of where they end up, though.)




(Rugged, prototypical grind line. I doubt Porter was signed to play on the 4th line, but it seems like Miele, Nosek and Ferraro should all be ahead of him. Should Ferraro be moved or plucked off waivers, I think Porter bumps up a line.)


Obviously, things could get shifted around, but I like the look of this line-up a lot. Miele is going to be their top set-up guy, IMO. He's going to have two trigger men on his line, either way. Nosek-Frk showed some chemistry at the tourney, so I think they may stick with that pairing until it shows signs of not working out. Regardless, I think this team has a ton of potential. Should be fun to watch.


Dbl A is fasttttttttttttttt man. His MO is break the D with speed along the boards and then move to the net and dangle. I'm just worried that he may be more suited for a rush system, not our possession system.