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In Topic: Brian McGrattan

Today, 04:33 PM

This is a picture of toast



Yes, that's exactly what Lesnar would be

In Topic: Brian McGrattan

Today, 04:24 PM

My favorite picture of Brian. Can you imagine the look on Lesnar's face when he steps into the ring?



In Topic: Knuckles vs Numbers - The death of the enforcer

Today, 09:17 AM

This forum has become softer than the Wings.  And who is McGratten?  

He's some wash up playing in the minors I believe. Not worth mentioning really.

In Topic: Ekblad, Gaudreau, Stone voted Calder Trophy finalists

Yesterday, 10:12 PM

Ekblad, He's pretty much been a top Dman since the moment he joined the league

In Topic: Zach Hyman Won't Be Signing With Florida

Yesterday, 09:56 PM

Just can't see McCollum stick around again even though he played good , he's 25 and he sees mrazek and howard ahead of him ... Patterson coming up ... And coreau ... I think he will go on to another team he could have a shot at being a backup in the nhl at some point during the season (Edm comes to mind obviously)

Miele as well is 26 and if he wants a shot in the nhl he wil go elsewhere , Grand Rapids is stacked full of young talent and no place in Grand Rapids

I suspect he will go on a team he might actually be given a shot at training camp

You mentioned Callahan possibly being a wing I just don't see it happening unless were willing to let go of a miller or/and Andersson (which wouldn't bother me) unless he went through waivers yet again and went unclaimed again can't see him being in detroit ... Maybe we'll just let him go ... Too many kids coming up

I'd actually pay to see every Grand Rapids game this season .... Can't remember a team this stacked full of prospects with potential

Athanasiou mantha .... Bertuzzi nastasiuk ... Frk tvrdon nosek .... Some of jensen ouellet sproul (gotta think 1 might make the team) ... Umm hyman? Lol

Man Grand Rapids gonna be exciting to watch


Callahan seems to be a special kid. Can't see the Red Wings waiving him again or ditching him.