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In Topic: Dylan Larkin on opening night roster

Yesterday, 09:52 PM

Yeah I thought the general rule was don't use the kids, unless you have to, until they're overripe. Perhaps Larkin is overripe?

We haven't had a Zberg/Datsyuk level prospect in a long time. Maybe he's that level.

In Topic: Free agents this off season

Yesterday, 12:35 PM

He was recommended by docs to shutdown for season. Not sure if it was a long term thing. Probably. 

Guys like Glencross can't even get a job. Coles done.

Good for Janmark. Hope he ends up like Jarnkrok and sucks though.

In Topic: Free agents this off season

Yesterday, 11:52 AM


Uh oh..........


Cole has no neck anymore.


He hasn't retired yet though has he?

In Topic: Raffi Torres at it again.

Yesterday, 11:52 AM

The other thing that gets me about this play is (upon re-watching it multiple times) he clearly decides that he's going to go after Silfverberg before he even has the puck.  I mean, he just makes a bee-line for him, tags him with a headshot and makes no effort to make a play on the puck.  I think that's a big factor to why he got 41 games.


Yeah I thought the call was going to be charging when I watched the play

In Topic: Raffi Torres at it again.

Yesterday, 11:20 AM

Yeah. I agree with what you're saying in terms of old time hockey. Trust me I'm a huge fan of old time hits and fights. 


But with Torres, the issue I have is his inability to comprehend the rules and regulations. You've gotten penalized before for something that's no longer allowed yet ya do it again, and again and again. The head shot rule was placed due to the evidence of pro sports players suffering TBI/concussions with terrible prognosis post retirement. What does he not get about that?


Torres can fight 40 fights a season, can make 120 hits a season as long as it's not to the head imo, and I'll be cool with it. 


Don't get me wrong, I think Torres is an idiot and a dirty player. His history of this is why he got the 41 games. I just thought on this particular play he didn't appear to be gunning for the head, and it seemed to me that any actual head contact was incidental. If you changed the name on the back of the jersey there might not be a suspension at all.