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In Topic: Do we need a trade to get our offence going ?

Today, 04:06 PM

Did someone just mention Ian White?


Per the Hockey News:

Nov 21, 2014


Ian White (D) Signed with the Providence Bruins (AHL) to a professional try-out contract.


Boy his career went down the tubes quickly

In Topic: Smith and Ericcsson?

Yesterday, 03:39 PM

It's already happening.  The salary cap and the influx of European players was the death knell of fighting in hockey.  It's just taking a while for it to work its way out.  More than fines, suspensions, etc., the thing most necessary to get rid of fighting in hockey was a change in the "fighting culture".  By which I mean, a change in attitude away from fighting from the people that are in a position to do something about it. 


The salary cap and Euros already have accomplished that.  More and more first rate players aren't fighting because they're European, and beyond that, they can't be goaded into fighting either.  Add to that the fact that because there's a salary cap each dollar and roster spot is more valuable than ever so GM's and coaches aren't willing to give a spot (or a paycheck) to a fighter who has fewer opportunities to fight, and generally a smaller skill set. 


If you're like me, and you want fighting gone, just wait a while.  It's an inevitability.  Nothing else needs to be done to make it happen.


I love fighting and would love to see it returned to what it was, but yes it's 100% slowly phasing itself out.

In Topic: CBJ's Jack Johnson files for bankruptcy

Yesterday, 03:36 PM

I live in the other Houghton, but there's not much to miss up here, just snow.


And that's why they drink lol

In Topic: CBJ's Jack Johnson files for bankruptcy

Yesterday, 03:22 PM

boooo! i go to svsu right now lol

I'm sure most ppl here don't even know battle of the valleys exists lol

In Topic: CBJ's Jack Johnson files for bankruptcy

Yesterday, 11:42 AM

Where'd you get your other? I went to central for a bit too but ended up finishing at gvsu and I'm not sure why haha.

Aye I started at GVSU back in the day