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Today, 12:17 AM


A few things:

  • Who's to say Jurco isn't the next coming (whatever that means exactly)?
  • Who's to say Jurco's not more special than Tatar or Nyquist and that ultimately he won't outshine one or both of them? Tatar played in 73 games last season and put up 39 points. Jurco - who's two years Tatar's junior (21 and 23, respectively) - did put up only 15 points last season, but he only played in 36 games. Had he played in 73 games, he likely would've been good for about 30 points, not far off from Tatar's 39.
  • Does a player have to be the next coming to play in our top nine?
  • A key reason why Tatar and Nyquist were held down so long: they're smallish skill players. Jurco has the makings of a power forward.

Just saying. If we opened the season with Tatar-Sheahan-Jurco as our third line, I doubt many people would be saying, "Yeah, Jurco's ok, but clearly he needs some more on the farm." Instead, I think we say what we said about that line last season: "This line is the s***!"



Again, I'll have to apologize to you. Even if he is the next great wing, already ready, at the mere age of 21, he's not going to be on the starting roster. Have you been absent the last 10 years? Jurco isn't starting here in Detroit, and that's just me regurgitating wings rhetoric, not an opinion. PWF or not, he's in GR. That has nothing to do with it. Early career sucsuess has nothing to do with it either, in GR. If you wanna make a bet that he'll be on our opening day roster, I'd gladly take it. 

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Yesterday, 11:33 PM

I've never read Dune (or any of the related books).  I did see the movie when it came out, but I was totally lost before it was half-way over.


That said, I would think that the Las Vegas Dunes could definitely be a contender.


Ugh, the movie/mini-series or whatever it is, is so terrible. I love the book, can't even sit through 5 minutes of the movie.


EDIT: Rather watch Star Wars fersure

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Yesterday, 11:07 PM

and girls.


Sorry, and girls. Though I feel like Dune has a lot more strong female roles... just sayin...

In Topic: potential team names for las vegas!

Yesterday, 11:04 PM

Mu'ad dib? A bit spicy for me. Or maybe the Sarlaac to keep with the Star Wars reference instead of switching to Dune. (As long as there isn't a Seattle Gungans thrown in the mix).


Star Wars is just a rip off of Dune anyway


Cue angry Star Wars fan boys...

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Yesterday, 10:46 PM

Is losing Callahan, Ferraro or even Glendening for nothing that big of a deal? I personally wouldn't care if none of the three played for the Wings. I want to win games; not uphold a philosophy of forcing prospects to be overripe, which hasn't gotten the team anywhere in five years. Jurco deserves to be in the NHL, regardless of the circumstances or taking the easy way out.


So Callahan Ferraro and Glendening don't get a chance? I'm unsure about Ferraro, but I really like Glendening, and I've LOVED Callahan thus far. You don't even want to give them 10 games to see what they've got? Jurco will be #1 call up, it's not like he's not going to play. It's not the easy way out, it's the logical way to handle a business. Jurco scored 15 pts in his first stint, I liked him a lot, but he's far from the next coming. Tatar has been playing for this organization since 09. Nyquist since 2010. Jurco started in GR in 2012. He has more time to do. He is not more special than Tatar or Nyquist.


If Ferraro, Callahan, Andersson, and Glendening are all bums this year, by all means call him up. But's probably going to come when injuries hit. Sorry.