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In Topic: Name That Band

Yesterday, 10:50 AM

It's can't be as simple as Prince, can it?  I am going to kick myself if it is!

In Topic: Mike Babcock video re: mental illness

Yesterday, 10:36 AM

#BellLetsTalk trending all over Twitter right now.  Bell will donate 5 cents for every text/tweet/post or whatever with the hashtag #BellLetsTalk.



Nice video by Babs. 

In Topic: Larkin or Mantha?

Yesterday, 10:32 AM

That would be wonderful!  I hope that will be the case, because I'd hate to lose/trade any of them!



Is the roster limit 23 or 24?

In Topic: Larkin or Mantha?

Yesterday, 10:02 AM

Without starting another thread, here's this choice (unfortunately this may be an actual choice for Holland in 2016)




Sproul or Marchenko?  Which one do you keep?


I keep Sproul. Not that I want to get rid of Marchenko, there just won't be enough room.


2016-17 D:


Kronner - Ericsson

Dekeyser - Smith

Ouellet - Sproul


In Topic: Larkin or Mantha?

27 January 2015 - 06:46 PM

Mantha - Larkin - Pulkkinen

Tatar - Sheahan - Nyquist




In 4-5 years, who wouldn't want to have that as a top 6?


I know I am all about making trades for no reason :ninja:  but honestly, lets upgrade through attrition. Unless something outrageous falls into our lap I like the direction the team is going from within... (of course if that top puck moving defenseman becomes available...then....aw crap! Back to indecision!!!!)