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In Topic: The return of The Mule?

Yesterday, 08:06 PM

I know I was very hard on the guy, but I can guarantee I never called him a homosexual or called him any kind of criminal.  I am willing to admit that I probably called him lazy and floater all the time not knowing or realizing that all along he had these head issues.  And like I said, even when I first started hearing the term "head issues" I thought that it meant he wasn't interested playing hard anymore and jumped all over him for that.  But, since I heard about the concussions a couple of season's ago, I realized that that was the reason for his play.  I am not apologizing for my view of "The Choice," but I do admit that if I had known about the concussions, I may not have been so hard on him...maybe.  I might have been hard on him to get off the ice and retire....but like Harold said, there are plenty of players that I cannot stand, but would never be happy about an injury ending their career or quality of life....not even he who shall not be mentioned...

In Topic: Sabres hire Dan Bylsma as head coach

Yesterday, 08:50 AM

The good news is, all the "names" that have been mentioned as interviewee's for the Wings job are all gone....its inevitable, Blash will be our coach.

In Topic: The return of The Mule?

Yesterday, 08:48 AM

Kip, no new leaf per say, but when I realized that it was head issues due to concussions a couple years back, I kind of let up on him a bit.  I was really hard on the guy before that.  I was really only hard on him the last couple of seasons because he kept wanting to play when he had no business (health-wise) being on the ice.  My buddy Dan skates with a couple of the trainer's for the wings in a pick up hockey league and he told me a couple a seasons ago that they believe it was head issues.  We all pretty much figured that as well, but me personally, I thought at first that it was head issues in the sense that he really lost interest in the game.  But when it came out that it was concussion issues, I kinda backed off.  I do wish he could beat this and go back to 25-30 goals again, but history shows that it just doesn't ever work out that way...

I am sure he will go to training camp with full intentions to be playing, I just hope he doesn't hinder his health or the team in the process.  He will need to make a decision soon enough so the Wings aren't exposing good young talent to the waiver wire to save him a roster spot. 

In Topic: It's Official: Babcock to coach Maple Leafs

28 May 2015 - 12:06 PM

The TO fans are just as excited for Babcock as we are for our fresh start.  I don't blame them for thinking that he is going to turn some players around, just like I don't blame us for thinking Blash (I hired) will bring in the fresh new blood and life into the stale line combo's.  BUT, the big difference is, we have seen what a team that was totally Babcock's does.  He took over a Scotty Bowman built team ( I don't count the Dave Lewis years in between) and then after peaking with it in 07-09, pretty much got worse and worse as the years went by.  Not saying that Babs won't a great coach, but it's not like he is coming to a team that is as good as the Wings were when he took over.  Maybe he can turn Kessel and Phaneuf, etc... into consistant winners, but like he said, its going to be a long road.  I have a feeling that Kessel and Phanuef, among others, will not be there if/when the Leafs do win a Cup.  Babs is going to work with management to trade away assets for draft picks and players that will help turn the franchise around.  He said it at the presser, he needs to build the team via the draft and with picks.  Again, I don't blame the fans for being excited, but what they don't realize is and good portion of the current team will not be there within the next couple of years...Then they will see how a Babcock built team plays.  I still don't know if he was given any control of players here, but if he did choose some players, he sure wasn't the best at it.  Of course losing out on Suter was a hard pill to swallow, I think it set his mind moving forward when that happened...

In Topic: Coaching Search Thread a.k.a. the Jeff Blashill Thread

28 May 2015 - 11:35 AM

We are ALL excited for a new start.  I am sure Blash will do things most of us will question or put down.  I am not saying that I won't, I probably will, but not right away.  Nobody is perfect, but it just seems that with Blash being so familiar with "his" players, that he would be more apt to play them more and keep them together on lines that worked. Face it, he isn't walking into a team with Yzerman, Shanahan, Fedorov, Larionov, Hull, Robitaille, etc...he is walking into a team that has IMO TWO legit superstars on it that he has to put his players around.  I fully believe that sooner rather than later (or forced in by injuries) we will see the like of Pulk and Tatar and Nyquist in the top 6 all night every night.  I got a feeling that players like Smith, Jurco and even Ferraro are going to get different ice time than under Babs.  I even see Dekeyser getting a bigger role with his familiarity from WMU.