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In Topic: 2016 Trade Deadline Thread

Today, 09:00 AM

just added to TheFourthPeriod.com on their top 25 trade deadline possibiies:


Okposo and PA Paranteau are still there with Wings logo's by their name, but now we have logo's by Justin Shultz (EDM) and someone named Kris Russel (CGY.)  Don't know too much about Russell, but do note that on the same page Howard is listed and has a Calgary logo by his name...

In Topic: 2/12 GDT : Colorado Avalanche at Red Wings, 7:30 EST

Today, 08:12 AM

4-1 Detroit. Larkin, goal & assist. AA two more assists. Jurco, Richards, Tatar...goals.

Man, if we only had more Homers :(

We're ALL Homers! Badum tssst!

In Topic: D-Boz tearin 'em up in the D!

Yesterday, 07:35 PM

:hysterical:  SNIP? Show....SNIPE Show I think is what should've been written in the video....unless of course he was snipping the twine with the puck!  Still cool though!


Snip Snip here, snip snip there and a couple of fa la la's! That's how we keep things nice and trim in the merry ol' land D-Boz!

In Topic: 2016 Trade Deadline Thread

Yesterday, 06:46 PM

I would like to think both Holland/Draper were looking at Johnson.


Listening to the radio while carting my boys around it was mentioned that Buffalo might very well move some players in return for prospects/picks (in other words - icing the worst possible team in order to get themselves the best possible pick for this summer).


If Holland was looking to improve our D - I'm thinking Cody Franson might be available.

I won't hold my breath concerning Holland making any moves.


I wouldn't mind swapping Howard and a pick for Franson....but where does he fit on our roster? We have too many D in the NHL right now...

In Topic: The Petr Mrazek Appreciation Thread

Yesterday, 04:33 PM

My appreciation to Petr is thank you for being the goaltender I predicted you'd be 3-4 years ago and thank you, oh thank you for stealing Jimmy's #1 spot! Also something I hoped you would do and said it would happen about 3 years ago, got lambasted over and over, but damn feels good to be right! :ninja:


In all seriousness, I think thus far Petr has out performed what anyone thought he would be, that's for sure! From a fan standpoint this is the best thing that can happen, from a business standpoint, this is going to cost the Wings a ton of money come July! But if they can shed themselves of Jimmy's salary, it'll be fine.


Congrats Petr! Keep it up! 1.94 and .934.....amazing!