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Nyquist Files For Arbitration

Today, 04:07 PM


The Future

12 April 2015 - 08:56 AM

..before you get upset, this is not another "What the team will look like next season" thread nor is it a "What I/You think this team needs" one.


It's simply this, even though it was The Hurricanes, but this is the first time we got to see the "future wings" play a game.  That is, without our current leaders.  That being said, sure the current leaders still have a few more years left to tutor and pass on experience to these guys, but soon the team, for the most part, you saw yesterday is going to be the team that carries on the torch and tradition.


Are you happy with the way the "new blood" handled the game yesterday and what impressed you the most or who?


I am so impressed time after time with how the Wings have so much new blood, yet can continue to not turn into to a "rebuild" team like Edmonton is, Chicago and Pitt were and like Buffalo is going to be.  It's simply amazing that players like Marchenko can come up and just play like he has been here and actually play better than Vets that have been here a few.  Can't say enough about Mrazek, once he finds that consistency he looks like he is going to be lights out.  Nyquist and Tatar along with Sheahan? My goodness, I can think of no less than 29 other teams that would sell their wives to have that trio on their team.


All in all, IMO, this team has the brightest future of at least 95% of the rest of the NHL, and the other 5% their future is starting right now or next year.  Once Pav and Z hang em up, these "kids" if we can even call them that anymore, are going to have so much more knowledge and experience, the Red Wings future, which may not start for another 3-4 years, is going to launch this organization into a new orbit.  I can only hope that these players (and the projected ones in GR) continue the direction they are headed!


Oh and I think the biggest reason the team can play so well without their leaders, most of these kids played and won a Championship together in GR. They know each other and know each other well!


Good on you Kenny Holland, for as many of us that question your draft picks, you just keep proving us wrong! Keep it up Kenny!


There is no reason that this (future) team cannot keep this winning tradition up for years and years!

Lindros suing Paul Stewart

25 February 2015 - 01:25 PM

...apparently, an article by Stewart portrays him as being a dick. "boo hoo, I'm not a dick..."


"You better not draft me (Quebec) I will never play for you!"


I knew he was a dick back then, Stewie's article just confirms something we all knew!



Happy Holidays To All My Fellow LGW'rs!

24 December 2014 - 09:18 PM

No matter which religion or tradition's you celebrate this time of year, I want to wish everyone here that I have had the pleasure of sharing conversations, arguments, debates and just plain ol' name calling for the last 11+ years all the best this season!



I celebrate Christmas, so to all that do, I am going to wish a


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


to those of you who don't, I wish you a Happy Holiday Season!


I honestly Love you all!

Bryan Murray Diagnosed with Cancer

07 July 2014 - 04:00 PM

I didn't see this already being discussed, if there is one already please delete this one...


Once again, I am having trouble with my paste commands on here but if you go to detnews.com the article is there.


This is sad news, I hope he can beat it! I am having one tonight in honor of the man who help build our Dynasty!



quick little funny story, when he was coach/gm for us, I was pushing wheel chairs at metro and always was on the look out for NHL players traveling.  I ran into Bryan Murray on his way to GM meetings and they were in the middle of a 10-15 game unbeaten streak at the time. A lot of people were starting to recognize him and I jokingly asked him, "Its kind of hard to remain anonymous now-a-days isn't it?"  He laughed and answered yes. He then started asking about what I do at the airport and just being friendly in general.  During our conversation I mentioned that I was going to the game the next night.  He said make sure his assistants coaches do a good job while he was gone. I said no problem! Well they lost.  Oh well.  Now, fast forward a few days later after the meetings and I am at work in my work station and I happen to see him walking through towards baggage claim. He saw me and approached me and asked me what happened and that he thought I was going to take care of things...lol! I told him I submitted some line changes but they wouldn't listen to me!  He had a laugh!  I thought is was so cool that with all the business of the NHL and the thousands of fans he meets, that he actually remembered our conversation and even was down to earth enough to give me a little egg on my face...


Great, great guy and great Hockey mind.  It's just too bad he hasn't been able to win that Cup yet...stay strong Bryan and beat this!