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  1. Wings def missing his hands around the net. Instead we get to witness why I don't miss Abby when he's injured, and outta the lineup. Blues coach Ken Hitchcock plead the 5th...
  2. Wings win 4-3 in OT.
  3. Indeed. Seems like a good portion of the league has injured netminders...Just waiting for Price to go down again, and Montoya choking
  4. In past years (before children) - I'd watch alot of Leafs, Habs, and Bruins. Nowadays - primarily just the Wings due to limited time.
  5. Obviously you're not that special On a serious note...I hope the Wings can keep their new place to themselves...As some have already mentioned - the quality of the ice surface usually tends to get worse - especially in spring time when the playoffs begin for both leagues. The Pistons can stay in Auburn Hills.
  6. Is there any particular reason/s why players don't wish to play in the Peg? I mean I get that it's got a long harsh winter, and doesn't have the offerings of a New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, but c'mon - it's still a place where the fans support their club.
  7. Lark baby Lark!
  8. We need to come up with new lyrics to 'Vanek in Detroit.
  9. deleted
  10. This is one of those games that the Wings cannot take lightly, but they're certainly favorites to win. 4-1 Wings!
  11. Right this moment - the Wings do not appear desperate enough to do anything that might place them in a compromising position. There's a fair chance the Jets may have to accept less if they choose to move Trouba.
  12. Truth be told...With the Wings recent play makes this whole idea of obtaining Trouba not a top priority...Not saying we couldn't use him, but right now - we're doing just fine without him considering how well Sproul's been playing.
  13. From what little I know of the situation - there's been some issues right from the start with the new arena in Brooklyn. Obstructed views, the poor ice conditions, the car parked along the boards, and there's been issues regarding where the team holds practice.
  14. I hear Quebec City has a new arena.