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  1. Meanwhile, Kris Letang sends his "I didn't get suspended" regards...
  2. ...just maybe not in the right goal. Things may be bad for us too, but at least they're not THIS bad...
  3. Always awkward when you have to fire a coach that won a Stanley Cup for you, and got you back to the finals 2 years later...
  4. I'm guessing it's a league in Finland, based only on the "Suomen Kuvalehti" in the top right of the picture. Which, according to google/Wikipedia, it's a Finnish news & family magazine. The jersey ads are bad enough. But logos on the defending teams gloves/pads?!
  5. I've seen Bettman quotes on this topic in years past when it's come up, with the asinine line of thinking of "Well, advertisements work so well for NASCAR that they could work well for hockey too..." No sir. They would not. I do not want any team in the NHL's jerseys looking like this garbage...
  6.|785924799 12/15/2017
  7. The Force will be with you, Carrie, always...
  8. Merry (late) Christmas and Happy (late) Holidays to all LGW'ers out there. My favorite Christmas songs (these are pretty much all non-traditional songs. I'm sure you're ALL tired of hearing that crap by now)... All of these are from an Indiana vocal group called Straight No Chaser. The Christmas Can-Can... Text Me Merry Christmas (featuring The Chris Osgood Fan Club Kristen Bell)... Kristen Bell The Nutcracker... The 12 Days of Christmas... (wait for it, it's good!)
  9. The thing I love the most about my '14 WC jersey is that the name/numbers are made of felt instead of the shiny polyester (or whatever it is) that are currently on the jerseys. It really gives it the "old time hockey" feel to it. Personally, I think the Centennial Classic jersey just looks rushed. Especially when you consider how good Toronto's jersey looks...
  10. Problem (kinda) solved! Thanks, Carolina!
  11. Disney did it again. Rogue One was AWESOME. Just flat out AWESOME. It's hard for me to rank it with the other 7 at the moment, simply because it's so new. (Think about asking a child what their favorite toy is on Christmas Day, that's about how I feel about it thus far). But I can easily say that I would rank it at the very least equal with ROTJ. Possibly ahead of it, once the "newness" has worn off and I get a chance to see it a couple more times. My ranking thus far, leaving out Rogue One for the aforementioned reasons... 1 - Empire Strikes Back. 2 - A New Hope. 3 - Return of the Jedi. The Ewoks dragged this one down ever so slightly below A New Hope. 4 - Revenge of the Sith. The best of the prequels,but still far below the Original Trilogy. 5 - The Phantom Menace. 6 - Attack of the I Fell Asleep In This One Clones.
  12. Had a blueadams flashback there when I saw the title for this thread. Good times, good times...
  13. I picked it up on Black Friday on the Playstation store for $27 ($30 plus a $3 instant coupon), which was only $2 more than I could have gotten it at WalMart or Target on Black Friday. (I chose to spend $2 extra and keep all my appendages). I played Skyrim on the PS3, and picked up both Dawnguard and Dragonborn, so I'm pretty familiar with all the goodies from the expansion. Can't wait to get my level high enough to start crafting my Dragonbone weapons... If you're going for an archer, make sure you spend time working on your sneaking skills. There's a perk that gives you 3x bow damage if your target doesn't see you. I was able to one-shot most dragons with that perk once you get high enough level. Personally, archery is by far the way to go. It's hard as hell to start out with, since you can quite easily get killed if an enemy gets close to you. However, once you can slow time by zooming with your bow and can get 3x damage while sneaking, you pretty much become a demigod and are unstoppable. If you spend any time working on smithing, enchanting and alchemy, you will begin to see damage levels that you would not believe possible. It's awesome. I'm finishing up a Backwards Compatible runthrough of Red Dead Redemption, and will hop back over to Skyrim once I'm done.
  14. I REALLY want to get the SE Skyrim for the PS4... I REALLY DON'T want to have to create a whole new character if I do get it. I just want to import my character from PS3... I honestly don't mind doing all the story missions and stuff again. I just don't want to start over on the character skills like smithing & alchemy again...