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  1. So many memories growing up in this building, so much history, joy, and passion. Onto the next, a new foundation to build new memories, dynasties, and Cups. You've been good to us JLA, you will be missed. Bring on the new era, and let's have a better season next year and break in the new facility properly! LGW!
  2. Just got in, looks like the boys are holding their own against the Hawks. Howard has been pretty solid from the looks for it? I was expecting a first game back implosion from him.
  3. When does baseball season start again?
  4. But did Sheahan score?
  5. I just opted out of paying for my next month of Center Ice. After tomorrow, which I anticipate a couple more guys go, I don't see paying out for the rest of the season. I'll just watch a few cheap streams and bad NBCSN broadcasts for my fix for the remainder.
  6. It was smart on behalf of the Kings, Budaj had literally zero value at the start of the season. We are likely doing the same with Vanek, going from being bought out and one wanting to sign him to being able to get us some kind of a return. I see the Kings moving Quick before the deadline for a scoring forward, I don't see them wanting both in the long term. I'd take Quick for any of our 3 goalies and a Tatar or Nyquist.
  7. We are respectfully allowing the discussion to continue, but let's try to tone it down a little bit here and get the teeth off of each other's throats and dial it down a bit more to civil territory. I get it, I really do, frustrating season, questionable team decisions all around, but let's not get too vicious here. Things on the forum have been better than expected this season all things considered, and we would like to keep it that way. Thanks guys/gals.
  8. Thanks Nerve for picking up on the GDT in my absence, I haven't been home since last night and neglected my duties. Looks like it's been a decently tight game so far.
  9. Ohh no kidding, yeah that definitely shouldn't be happening. I stream through the Xbox App on my console and haven't had that kind of issue at all this season. I didn't sign up through my cable provider because they don't even offer it here.
  10. @puckloo39 When it's a national broadcast and the game airs on either NBCSN, NHL Network, NBC, it will be blacked out. Also If it is broadcast locally for you, for example, any Red Wings vs Predators games are blacked out for me because they air on my local network. It works this way with all sports packages, NBA, MLB, and NFL. It's part of the contract of these packages to prevent ratings from being taken from the networks, if they didn't do it that way, packages like Center Ice wouldn't be permitted to exist because it would violate the rebroadcast agreement. It's not just hockey and it's not just Center Ice, it's all packages for all sports.
  11. Hypothetically? Absolutely. Considering the upcoming draft is definitely a weak class, and a 5th overall will have much less value than previous years, this scenario for this particular up coming offseason and draft wouldn't happen. For it to be this year, it would take a first, one roster player like Tatar or Nyquist, and a prospect or two. It's not a mystery to the league that our defense is in desperate need of help and is among the worst in the league, which raises the price a bit also.
  12. I anticipate at least 10 games, at least that's what I feel like is the minimum justified punishment. It really was out of line, and looked very bad when it happened. I agree that he looked a bit stunned when it happened, like he was just trying to get an elbow up in his face but the stick got there instead, but the player needs to be responsible for where the stick lands and be held accountable when something like this happens. Maybe the visor blocks it, but two inches higher and that's a stick to the eye and can result in permanent damage and vision loss.
  13. This may be a career changing game from Coreau. This isn't just a bad game, it's a train wreck.