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Quincey re-signed by DET. 2 yr s $4.25 mill AAV

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What a joke!!!! Hope everyone is prepared for another 1st rd exit. I feel bad for Dats and Z.

Bringing back the exact same roster, while every other team improved, man I'd say making the playoffs will be the Stanley Cup for our front office executives.

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I just think we're going to have to come to the conclusion we're going to suck for a while before we get back into contention. The faster we accept that the better off we'll be.

So re-signing one player (whom, while he had a shocking first half, had a very very solid second) means we are doomed to the annals of hell for a while? Seriously? This team was injury depleted and still made the playoffs. The emergence of the kids nullifies the signing of a solid stay at home defensemen. All I can say is meh. So we struck out in free agency today. Big deal. This team has more than enough to be optimistic about right now. Getting a known commodity won't hurt us. And yes I know, everyone here will say the Q sucks. And they'd be right about his first half performance, wrong about the second, in which he was one of our better blue liners

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