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In Topic: Shea Weber for Pernal Karl Subban

Yesterday, 10:07 PM

when will the madness stop? to them sofas and our retinas







I'm getting all choked up here...Them poor sofas...

In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Yesterday, 10:01 PM

Lmao we should make a video of compilation of pics of the Red Wings Swedish mafia over the years with this music playing in the background. Then send it to the DRG wacko that released the article. 


Original Don Lidstrom (aka Vito) through the years and passing it onto Don Zetterberg (aka Michael). Makes sense, Vito was a way better Don than Michael was. 

I say Lilja is/was Luca Brasi.

In Topic: Shea Weber for Pernal Karl Subban

Yesterday, 09:57 PM

Between them 2 guys - Grapes, and PK - they're responsible for the eradication of them 1970's cheesy sofas to make them fancy suits...I gotta tell ya - them poor sofas...Eh.

In Topic: Red Wings All-Bust Roster

27 July 2016 - 07:26 PM

From the last 20 years or so who would make up your roster of players that either never panned out in the NHL or their NHL career fizzled out here(strictly in a Wings uniform)?


Brunner - Weiss - Leino

Cole-Modano - May

Igor Grigorenko - Center - Dan Cleary (sans 2007-2011)

Steve Thomas 


Brett Lebda - RD




Curtis Joseph

Ty Conklin (2nd stint) 

I honestly wouldn't consider Cujo a bust since it was Holland who brought Hasek back in the mix after Hasek had retired.


Cujo was/is a good guy, and took everything in stride.


My list would include Uwe Krupp, and Derian Hatcher (and to lesser extents Wendel Clark, and Ulf Sammuelsson who were both at the ends of their careers).

In Topic: Mrazek avoids arbitration... signs 2 year deal

27 July 2016 - 02:58 PM

That is a pretty good deal.  Holland must have brought Luca Brasi to the negotiating table.  

Who could possibly say 'no' to a handsome fella like Luca?