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In Topic: Who is this player

Today, 02:02 PM

Lee Norwood? I wasn't sure but the player name was in the file name of the second pic when I replied to save the search. :)

Yup - it's Lee Norwood.


Here's another...


Who's the guy hoisting the Cup?  58653.3.jpg

In Topic: Who is this player

Today, 09:07 AM

Garth Butcher. I had several of his hockey cards, and the name always stuck with me.

How about this one?


Yup - Garth Butcher it is...


As for the above - at 1st I thought it was German Titov...After doing a Google pic search I then realised I was wrong...


After another search - it's Zarley Zalapski.


Alrighty...Here's a former Red Wing from the 1980's...

8449905.jpg and another pic of the same player   Leenorwood.jpg

In Topic: Please Help Me Win GDT of the year.

Today, 09:02 AM


Apparently its based on a popular cartoon called Adventure time.


I hadn't heard of it either, and its nowhere near as good as some of his other work. 













The 2nd 'South Park' theme was in true form...All the Canadian born players have the simple looking black eyes, and straight mouths :lol:

In Topic: Kane & Toews Sign Identical 8-year, $10.5M AAV Extensions

Today, 08:20 AM

Zetterbergs beard alone is a superstar which in turn makes him a superstar

What I wanna know is - will Hank's beard have a chance at the Hockey Hall of Fame?


If Hank makes it - I'll assume his beard will follow within a few years?

In Topic: Who is this player

Today, 08:08 AM

I'd say you solved it. It's definitely Scott Lachance. Look at the nose and eyebrows. Apparently he's a scout for the Devils. Wonder why he was at the camp? Maybe scouts just go to all the development camps



See - this is one of my main beefs in my life...


GMR  had an interesting topic pertaining to NHL trivia  50 goal scorers, and truth be told my score was in the low 20's  :confused:


But it's the odd crap that I remember - the useless stuff in life...I barely passed college algebra, and need to take my shoes off to count my fingers, and toes (ok - maybe not that bad), but I can remember what I ordered at some out of state restaurant while on a road trip thru New Mexico 8 years ago...


Anywho - it's my turn for a pic...