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So Kenny Trades You...

12 February 2016 - 09:57 AM

A little fun here...


Lets say you play for the Red Wings, and feel you're an important member of the team...You're either a 2nd line forward, or 2nd pair Dman (take your pick)...You were drafted in the 4th round, and were a work in progress...You busted your balls in the offseason, spent the better portion of 3 seasons in Grand Rapids, you paid your dues.


As a forward - you're a 20 to 25 goal scorer (approx mid 50's pts total each season) 2nd pp unit as well as some time on the pk, nuthin comes easy for you, but your work ethic, and physical play are well known, you score those dirty goals...As a Dman - you're a legit #4 guy - play 18 to 22 minutes a night, get about 20 pts a season, but you're known more for your shot blocking, clearing the crease, and making smart plays to get the puck outta your own end of the ice...You'll drop the gloves when needed (at both positions), and are a stand up guy in the locker room.


Life is great in the Motor City - you're 28 yrs old, and 1 yr left on your current contract (looking forward to signing a 4 year, or more contract sometime next year)...The the hammer comes down - YOU'RE TRADED!


To make things worse - the guy Holland acquired is a real d-bag, a weasel, a diver (you pick)...You wanna vomit -  you think to yourself - 'how the hell could Kenny think this turd is an upgrade over me??!!


Now you must pick the team that you would not want to play for right now - your least desirable place to play.


You'll also be facing the Red Wings as an opponent for the 1st time in your career - as a member of your new team - in your new teams' barn 6 days after you were traded...So tell me - how would you handle yourself on the ice? Do you keep it clean (hey these guys were your teammates several days ago), do you get a little rough (ya know it's hockey afterall), you try to be the hero, and score the winning goal (the usual hero stuff)?


What would you do to show that Holland really screwed the pooch in moving you?





#4 right handed Dman.


My 'hockey hell' would probably be playing for the Phoenix - erm - Arizona Coyotes (or whatever they're known as right now)...AKA - the franchise that doesn't belong in the desert.


I'm thinking of playing a mean game - spiteful attitude - I'm knocking down every soft Euro the Wings have on their forward lines, and make everyone with a Red Wing sweater pay the price for coming within 6 feet of goalie Mike  Smiths' crease...Yeah - I'd probably look foolish trying to chase down 'D-Boz', and eventually drop the gloves with Abby, but at least the 4,000 some odd Yote fans in attendance will have something to cheer about.


What about the rest of you?




Veterans Day

11 November 2015 - 07:48 AM

I just want to take the time to thank our former, and current members of the military for their service (including our friends in Canada, and the UK).